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Introduction To Philippine Culture

The Filipino man can be a problem, I feel. Women here get the dirty end of the stick, like in many Asian countries. But in these Asian countries where it happens it is not considered the dirty end, but a duty. And the women don't necessarily want it another way.

I mentioned in a previously, a woman who commits adultery can go to jail. But she would not dare. The social pressures would destroy her as it does many mistresses. A man is in de facto exempt from that law.

I just read in the paper today that a high city official is implementing a program to train wives so they will not be naggers. (strangely strange you to you maybe his name is Bimbo. If you live here, you would not blink your eyes at such a name) Councilman Bimbo feels that wife abuse cases will go down if women are taught to accept the behavior of their husbands.

Culture Background

Filipinos do have a unique relationship with the west and share decidedly a heritage of many significant ideas and values rooted in Euro Christian ethics, But their basic traditional social and cultural characteristics contrast sharply with those of western world, certainly the US. The national character and sense of identity is thus complex. And there is a question as to whether or not they even have a national identity. Some believe, as I do, their allegiance does not extend past their province. Some believe it is limited to the extended family. It is certainly stronger within that group.



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