Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

A detailed description of the analysis of my therapeutic experiences with the patients in this study deserves more time and space than feasible at this tune. It will indeed be a tour tie force if it is to be of value in making correct assumptions about the applicability and effectiveness of psychoanalytically-based techniques with non-Western patients. Be that as it may, I hope that the observations and interpretations described in this chapter may be helpful to the extent that they might serve as springboards for further discussions and comparisons with the findings of colleagues, particularly Filipino and Asian psychiatrists, involved in the practice of psychotherapy in their home countries.

A few characteristics of the socio-cultural milieu in general will be described first in so far as these are relevant to the treatment situation. Later, a closer scrutiny of the process itself as well as of the therapeutic relationship may reveal further other idiosyncratic cultural traits as they emerge within the context of this relationship and a defined treatment situation.