Preface To Popular Edition

The directions of psychology and psychiatry, in its efforts to reach more people with its insights and services, continue to be dynamic and diversified. Frontiers are being pushed in the areas of psychophysiology and parapsychology. The study of culture, and the tracking down of encounter points between the individual’s psyche and his ambiance, continue to be stimulating and rewarding. The second printing of this book, a study of psychopathology in the Filipino setting, is a response to the kind and generous appreciation, which the first received.

Culture change, of the rate and radically observed in contemporary times, cannot help but contribute to a sense of discontinuity and, often, a loss of meaning as well in our personal lives. Thus, individuals also change from day to day, perhaps unaware of events, which have influenced them. A chance to pause and reorient oneself is hard to come by. Records, of which this book is a small example, intend to help one to grasp a broader perspective of these shifting realities. The ultimate goal is to recover a sense of continuity and meaning despite a frenzied pace. I hope that one may learn to cherish more dearly these forces which are so vital in being and remaining human.

May I also express my thanks to colleagues in the helping profession who have indicated to me, in one way or another, appreciation of my work.


L.V. Lapuz