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Buying and Bargaining at the Market

What would you like to buy, ma'am?
Unsay gusto nimong paliton, ma'am?
Unsay imong paliton, ma'am?

How much is this?
Tagpila kini/'ni?


How much is a kilo?
Tagpila ang kilo?

It's too expensive.
Kamahal kaayo.

Is there a discount?
Wala na bay hangyo?

This is cheap.
Barato na 'ni.

How much do you want?
Pilay gusto mo/nimo?

Can you give it for P1.00?
Piso na lang?/Ikahatag ba nimog piso?

Give me a kilo of potatoes.
Taga-e ko ug usa ka kilong patatas.

Here is my payment.
Bayad, o.

Here is your change.
Sukli mo.

Is there anything else?
Unsa pa./Naa pay lain/uban?

C'mon. (An expression used to persuade the vendor to meet your terms.)
Sige na. (I am your)

regular customer.

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