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Expat life in Philippines / Re: Poisonous creatures
« Last post by M.C.A. on Today at 08:37:15 PM »
I see snakes all the time, Philippine Cobra it doesn't have a rattler but it sure gets around every time our backyard floods a little from heavy rains or when I brush cut, I've killed several, my monkey got one and when our house was flooded ocassionaly they would be swiming in the house it's hard on the nerves they also travel real fast in the roof you can tell it's a snake by the slapping sound.

There's another poisonous creature and I am suffering right now from it's stinging hairs called a Higad caterpillar but everyone in our region nicknames them Boyboy.  I am on my 4th day of Benadryl, these creatures also hurt you when they die they cacoon up in the ceiling area's and when the wind blows the hairs hit you and it's painful, it's like getting burned instantly and the worst from of itching you can imagine.  I've talked with other expats and either they have them or they don't but you'll see them crawling they are hairy and come in different colors mostly brown or grey sometimes orange.  Only safe way to get them off your ceiling if concrete is flame or wet rag and throw it away for good.
Expat life in Philippines / Re: Poisonous creatures
« Last post by Lee2 on Today at 07:58:53 PM »
Are there poisonous snakes and spiders in the Philippines?

Yes, apparently there are lots of them, yet I personally have never seen even one during our times in Cebu or our visits to Manila and Mindanao, yet I read all the time of people encountering some and especially Cobras and my wife had seen many in Mindanao while growing up.
Philippines Islands Venomous Snakes and Poisonous Spiders and Other Dangerous Animals and Insects.

Anyone else ever see any?
Expat life in Philippines / Poisonous creatures
« Last post by codefreeze on Today at 06:58:36 PM »

Are there poisonous snakes and spiders in the Philippines?
Has anyone moved to the Philippines from UK with a pet? How did you transport your pet?

I met a guy here in UK who regularly travelled to Phils and back with his small dog - apparently the dog's ticket cost more than first class would have done for him!

Current Events and Future Schedules / Re: Japan backed subway coming to Manila
« Last post by grahamw on September 22, 2017, 06:16:05 AM »
I believe the Indians now have a very successful subway system in Delhi, built with Japanese money.

Not sure (without googling) how much technical input there was by them.
Yes we are, learning that you're like a dog with bone, just won't give it up.

You feel that I am attacking you.  Not so.

In 2009  I was running a laboratory with my wife, on a small island.

A large natural disaster occurred.  A situation identical to St.  Maarten.  I've been there.  Lovely, peaceful, serene place.

I spent the first day helping people, and tending to the injured.  There were a lot.  Once things stabilized I made my way home.

At night the gangs came.  Killed our dogs outright.  They were locust, stealing everything.  Food, water, and tools.  Hell they even took the Garden Gnome.

I met them at our front door.  I had my daughter's aluminum baseball bat.

We were lucky.  The doorway was a bottle-neck.  We came very close to dying that first night.  It took the authorities days to get control. 

Have you ever lived under siege?

Months later a greedy little man, made desperate by the disaster, attacked me with a machete.  Came close to decapitation.  I spent a long time in hospital.

It has taken a lot of soul searching to reconcile the truth.  See,  we believed then as you do now.

What happened in 2009, what is happening in the Caribbean now,  is not unique.  It is normal

Yes,  I am tenacious.  I would save you, and everyone one else, that experience.
Thank you David and everyone for your opinions and contributions to this thread and the forum, please all, do not let others opinions upset you, life is too short to let anything get in our way of enjoying our lives. Yes we all think differently and especially those of us who have been brought up in different countries, we are all entitled to think however we wish to. It would be my hope that none of us ever need a weapon of any type, ever.

Looting of the Caribbean After Hurricane Irma, Residents Defenseless

Are we learning yet?

Yes we are, learning that you're like a dog with bone, just won't give it up.

You go buy as many guns as you like, that's your choice....... it's not mine. 

Anybody that can say that a car and a gun are the same thing are just on different planet.  A car is a means of transport, a gun is designed and used to kill or maim. Yeah yeah cars can kill, so can falling off your sofa, get real guys.
For the record, as if anybody's interested, I will no longer follow or contribute to this thread, as I think its pretty clear to all, where we stand and there is nothing to be gained by flogging it to death.
Expat life in Philippines / Re: Travel Warning Palawan
« Last post by codefreeze on September 20, 2017, 05:56:03 PM »
Thank you, you are 100% correct, it is only some Muslims, the radical ones.

Quite right. Just to add my 2 cents - I spent some time in Malaysia (KL, Penang, Perhentian) and of course Malaysia is a muslim country predominantly. One of the things I still remember about Malaysia is how absolutely lovely the people were. From my dive instructor and dive buddy, to people managing boat services, hotel staff, shop keepers, and people just casually walking the promenade on those hot Penang nights, it is the wonderful people I remember most. And we always need to remember it is some muslims that are the problem, not all muslims.
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