Author Topic: How have you prepared for your wife or partner if you should go before them?  (Read 319 times)

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Re: How have you prepared for your wife or partner if you should go before them?
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My point is that to live where we do, as we do, cannot be achieved on $1,500 a month.  If my wife wants to stay here, then I want to make it possible. 

I must say that, should there be such a thing as reincarnation, my choice would be to come back in my next life as U.S. military.

VERY educational, well written,  and cool !!!    I wish we had one of the like it buttons.  It sounds to me like you found the fairy tale life.   Very well done.

To the point on the reincarnation to be US Military.  I would disagree.  I know some about it,  but not as much as others.   I never know how much I should tell or what constitutes bragging.  But I could say that I think for my wife and I we have done (financially) much better outside the Military with the income streams to be more than I could have hoped for from Military using typical tools already described here,  real estate and equities in varies different forms including the tax advantaged ones.  My wife has access to all of it and knows how it works, it will continue to increase in size even after me.  As well we have (or I should more correctly say she has) land and business that earn enough already to live ok in the Phillipines  and care for our kids and me if needed.  In addition she can/will receive maximum SSN from US Gov,  that alone is more than enough in the Philippines when she already has everything else paid for or funded.   Even children already have the university fees ready in case they will return to US for final educations (that is likely).  It is unlikely for me that I would have achieved the same from a complete Military life.  Although there are other benefits that might have made it more rewarding.  Some of my best memory are from those times.

If my wife had 2 coins in the morning,  by lunchtime it will be somehow become 5.  I still am in wonder that she choose me....  !!!


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