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Hi, i know this is an old topic, almost 2 years from the last post, however my question is also about the 13a visa, and i rather not create a new topic.

I have read in various articles on the internet that i should apply for the 13a visa from here in Australia rather that while in the Philippines, and if this is correct, i assume that once i have obtained the actual visa, i am free to travel there and begin living as a permanent resident, and i can work or run a business as well.

The following article i found interesting:

Just curious though, if i was to return home at any time, i am not sure how long i need to be continuously out of the Philippines before the 13a visa will become invalid, as i will be required to return to Australia at least once (may even be twice) every year so i do not lose my old age pension that i am due to get in 5 years time (currently $700au per fortnight for each member of a couple)

It is our intention to have a new business set up in Palawan by the end of 2019, and because i am retired on medical grounds, and my wife is only 56 and still wants to work until she is 60, i will be the one staying in Palawan to run the business while my wife lives back home working, and she will fly over several times during the year for a few weeks here and there, then she will join me full time at the end of 2013.

Announcements and Information / Re: Lee's health
« Last post by hoz on December 10, 2018, 01:37:28 AM »
Sent an email. Best wishes Lee.
Philippine Culture, Filipino Family Relationships / Re: Left Scratching My Head!
« Last post by User444 on December 09, 2018, 09:30:26 PM »
I went to the SM mall to pay my Meralco electricity bill. It was 2,100 p. I first went to the local Bayad center in my condo complex but they had a sign up saying that the internet was down and they couldn't process it. I asked them if it would be working the next day. They said yes. I went back the next day and it's closed and the sign is still up. So I went to SM. I go to the payment center and the lady says I can't pay the bill because I have an 8 peso payment I didn't pay last month. So you can't just take my 2,108 p and call it good? You're going to reject a 2,100 p payment because of an unpaid 8 p from last month? That makes total sense. Left scratching my head.
Meet Your Neighbors / Re: New in Philippines
« Last post by JoeLP on December 09, 2018, 03:18:54 AM »
Welcome Rajiv.  Hope you enjoy the site.
Announcements and Information / Re: Lee's health
« Last post by codefreeze on December 08, 2018, 08:05:28 PM »

Very sorry to hear about that situation.

Our prayers are with you,

Tony & Ana
Entertainment & Videos / Re: Tagalog soaps - A love to Last!
« Last post by codefreeze on December 08, 2018, 07:59:04 PM »
Hey Sam,

Yeah managed to get through it all. It was a really good series, although at the end there was a feeling the studio or whoever was bankrolling it said, hmm we need to wrap this up now - it did drift a little at the end and there were some loose ends. For example, they were never really clear about what happened to the guy who sabotaged the factory machines. What happened to that German owner guy too. ;) On the whole I'd say a good 8/10. I would however say the "bitter ex-wife's" boyfriend's hairstyle was 10/10 for being gravity defying!

I would love to see a follow up movie or even another series. Unlikely to happen though.


World News / First of Many, I Hope.
« Last post by Peter on December 08, 2018, 02:35:34 PM »
<  >

" ... "This landmark case is unprecedented for a High Court in London, showing how the legal system in England and Wales delivers justice for victims of sexual abuse whether they live in England or overseas,"   ... "

Real Estate Information / Re: Buying/Leasing land or house in Philippines
« Last post by gregpinton on December 07, 2018, 07:45:02 PM »
Apologies if I came across as being confrontational.  That is not my nature.  My comment was based upon the fact that for every piece of advice or input from members up until now, you always have stated that you have already considered that and have a way around or a solution for it.  Anyway, as I say before, I wish you very success and hope that you will keep us all updated hoe it works out.

Its all good David, maybe i came across as a bit of a "bobby know it all" but in reality, we have been involved with buying tax dec properties several years ago in Batangas and Mindoro Island, later on selling them after we got them titled (was a nightmare) for a good profit, but a lot has changed in 15 years, so i need to basically start looking at how it all works today.

We also spent 18 months in Mindoro where we also managed (on a profit share basis) a small beachfront nipa hut resort for the Australian owner, so we are familiar with the tourist business, but not as owners of a tourism business or resort, which in itself would not be dissimilar to each other, however it was more to do with the legalities of actually leasing land to build our cottages on, as i was not able to find anything relating to leasing tax dec land, only titled land, and the best information i got was from the link i provided up the page to Badladz article about buying/leasing property in the Philippines.

So the main focus for this topic going forward was to find out if anyone had solid information relating to leasing tax dec land, and the only solid info i have found is to only lease a titled property for our own legal welfare, so we have heeded this warning and have now told the lot owner that we can't accept any offer until his lot has the clear title in his name only, so i think this is probably not going to happen by the time we arrive in Palawan next April.

Also, i cannot give him his P100,000 per year, spend P1.2m on 3 cottages (possibly more) and then walk away with nothing after 10 years, better he accept P50,000 per year, and then we give him the cottages, better for us, better for him as he gets to continue the business, or we extend the lease at P50,000 per year for another 5 years.

Now looking into other land options just in case.
Real Estate Information / Re: Buying/Leasing land or house in Philippines
« Last post by David690 on December 07, 2018, 06:44:53 PM »
I don't know why you think that i know more than anybody else in here, because i don't, however i am not an idiot either, and as i already mentioned several times, we are not jumping into this blind folded, we are just getting plans together, seeking advice, and looking at all the pitfalls that we may be facing during this venture, and when we arrive in Palawan next April, we will be taking a Family Lawer with us to sort the legalities out for us, and if he advises not to do this, we will walk away and try doing it elsewhere, or we will just buy into an existing business.

My Wife is Filipino, with dual citizenship, but i will be looking into getting the appropriate visa's and paperwork next April to enable me to live there on a permanent basis once we are clear to start this venture, and we will be obtaining all the correct building and business permits as well, as i don't want to be flaunting any laws because i know how tough the government can be over there.

I am a retired building contractor, hence why i am very familiar with drawing plans and making sure i get all the required permits before we start anything, and i would look forward to living at this place while the construction is taking place, and watching the skills of the local tradesmen.

As of tonight, my last communication with the Lot Owner has been thru Facebook/Messenger and he has now seen my proposal, as well as my Cottage Pans, and a Plan of the Lot Layout, and he has agreed to give us my required 30m x 20m lot to build the 3 cottages on, he still has not yet accepted my offer of P75,000 per year lease fee.

The whole idea behind this plan was to try and get other tourists to visit some of the other beautiful beaches and islands that Palawan is known for, unfortunately most foreigners seem to want to go to places such as El Nido, or Boracay, with both places being ruined by the locals who are only interested in the almighty dollar, and don't care about keeping their environments clean, so they deserve to be closed for restitution.

With our revised plan and new cottage design, and bigger beachfront lot, we fully understand that we will only cover our costs during the first year, based on my new estimates, and with a bit of luck, if it does work out, and we expand to a third cottage, we think we should have a pretty decent income earner in the future.

EDIT: i have been trying to upload a copy of my proposed Cottage plan, as well as the revised Lot layout, but it is not working for some reason, so i have them in my Backblaze account, and can be viewed by clicking the following 2 links.

Cottage will be something similar to this one.

Apologies if I came across as being confrontational.  That is not my nature.  My comment was based upon the fact that for every piece of advice or input from members up until now, you always have stated that you have already considered that and have a way around or a solution for it.  Anyway, as I say before, I wish you very success and hope that you will keep us all updated hoe it works out.
Real Estate Information / Re: Buying/Leasing land or house in Philippines
« Last post by gregpinton on December 07, 2018, 02:29:02 PM »
Thanks a lot Peter, a great post indeed, and as mentioned before, we are not going into this blind folded, and leasing i believe is still our first option because the purchase prices of 600sm beachfront lots in northern Palawan (north of El Nido) is simply way over priced, with leasing we can at least claim this cost each year against the business expenses (i know this for sure as of today) and i know we will never buy any lot unless it has the clear title, but leasing a lot with tax dec only is a lot more risky i think.

The lease price of P75,000 per year that we offered to the lot owner has been based on how many tourists go to this place, and what infrastructure is in place (water/power/road access etc) and this region is not a recognized tourist beach as of now, purely because nobody except the owner of the lot that i want has built any accommodation there for tourists to stay in (a 3 bedroom 2 story house with small restaurant) but many who do arrive there do want to stay for a few nights because it is more remote and only inhabited by local Filipino people, but they end up moving on to another place where there is more accommodation.

The lot owner has guaranteed that he is the registered tax dec owner, and taxes are up to date, but he can't tell me when the title will be issued, but he keeps insisting that a lot of properties in Palawan is bought and sold only as tax dec, but i have told him i will only lease if he gets the title first, even if i have to go to the place who processes the title and explain my situation to them (maybe pay a few bribes)

I asked the lot owner a few hours ago what will happen to my 3 cottages when the lease is finished, and he explicitly told me that he wants the cottages handed over to him and we walk away, telling me this is the common lease practice in Palawan, when i don't believe this is so (just in Palawan) so i told him i will not accept this AND pay him P100,000 lease fee each year, because the first 2 cottages will cost me at least P800,000 all up with solar power and water tanks, and another cottage later on will add another P400,000 on top, so at the end we walk away and he can continue running a business and his land value will go up because the cottages are there.

I have now decided not to start this unless he gets the clear title first, and i have decided to make him a new offer now before we go any further.

Option 1: we offer him P50,000 lease fee per year over 10 years (P500,000 total) and we spend P1.2m to build 3 cottages, which equates to P1.7m out of our pocket, and he gets the cottages when the lease period expires.

Option 2, we offer him his P100,000 per year over 10 years (P1.0m total) and we spend P1.2m to build 3 cottages, which equates to P2.2m out of our pocket, but when we walk away after the lease expires, he has to pay us P600,000 for 50% of the cottage construction cost, leaving us P1.6m out of pocket, if he can't pay the P600,000 then we remove 2 of the cottages and leave him just one.

The lot owner is the winner regardless of which option he takes, after 10 years his lot value has risen quite a lot, especially with those cottages already there, and he can continue to operate his own business using them.

The problem with Option 2 is that we have no idea if he will have the cash to pay the P600,000 for 50% of the cottage construction cost, and i would not really want to remove 2 of the cottages, even tho they will be built as pre-fab, so for me, option 1 is the one i would prefer, but i don't like my chances to be honest.

We have 2 other lots offered to us, one is just 15 minutes from Diapila Bay (Bucana) 500sm for P3.5m purchase outright with title pending, and another in Port Barton, south from El Nido, which is 1,800sm clear titled lot with a brand new 64sm bamboo house already, selling for P1.5m, but it is not on the beach.
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