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I thought Microsoft said Windows 10 would be The Last Ever Windows as it would be updated seamlessly in the background!  :o

I was a Windows user right through from Windows 3.0 to NT 4.0. I'm a Mac OS X user now since June 2007.

However, on my last contract gig they gave me an Lenovo Ultrabook running Windows 10 and I have to say I was darn impressed. That combo was fast. I'm normally a mouse-free user, but I found with a small, good quality cordless mouse, and flamboyant use of the right-click (for context) you can work really fast with Win 10.

I think if you have the right hardware Windows 10 seemed very fast to me - but then I guess anything would.

Anyway, interesting to see the Windows lineage will continue! I am also interested to see that Windows/Linux combo thing Microsoft are cooking up - it could be really cool or a dog's breakfast - not tried it out yet though.
Expat life in Philippines / Re: Northern Luzon Cordillera and West Coast tour
« Last post by Lee2 on May 23, 2018, 07:28:15 PM »
Neat Hoz, could you go more in-depth into your trip when you have time and for my own curiosity, how was it meeting up with your long lost relatives and how did your wife enjoy the trip, I really hope she enjoyed it?
Philippines News / Re: Canadian Citizen Murdered in Surigao City
« Last post by codefreeze on May 23, 2018, 07:22:03 PM »
   She presently has an INTERPOL Red Letter issued for her arrest, and the Philippine DOJ is currently compiling an Extradition file which after the trial of Jerome Devocion and Jeffery Parian is completed and the Judges Ruling is final, then the Extradition folder will be forwarded via INTERPOL to Ottawa, Canada and eventually land on the desk of the RCMP. Then she will have to go before an Extradition hearing. She has been charged with 'Parricide' which in the Philippines is an unbailable offense. She is believed by local investigators of having masterminded the murder with the assistance of their driver/body guard to hire two brothers to murder the Canadian businessman Harry Doyle.

   She has actually tried to make me a prime suspect in his killing and a previous shooting attempt on his life. But I was investigated and found not to be a suspect. But I did later find myself being a witness for the prosecution. It has been an odd turn of events to say the least. If you search the topic on the internet there is information pertaining to the case available.   

Blimey - that is horrible. So it looks like she did a runner to Canada. I will search around on the Net. Thanks for the update!
Lodging: Finding A Place to Stay "for a while" / Re: vs AirBnb
« Last post by codefreeze on May 23, 2018, 07:17:11 PM »
hotel rooms (hotels/motels) are generally more expensive than rooms (provided by airbnb) because of the services, amenities and location.  most have been rated and reviewed. if you do not  not need or care for these, airbnb might be less expensive, again depending on condition, location, size or whether you have a kitchen, etc.   

The AirBnB places I've stayed have often had better facilities than a hotel - if you've ever tried to use the WiFi in a Travelodge you will know what I'm talking about! ;)

I found the AirBnB places I stayed to have better Internet, less crowded and often better pools and gyms, and more reliable reviews. Most apartment complexes also had access to or a nearby laundry (much cheaper than hotel rates). Also, locations were spectacular. Security was absolutely top notch too, which guards patrolling, sometimes with dogs and guns, and even guards to see cars safely out onto the road. You do have to take some care in choosing your apartment complex though.

To be honest I cannot think of *any* good reason to use a hotel rather than AirBnB in Manila at least. I certainly will probably never use a hotel in Manila again. Delighted with AirBnB and will use it again on the next trip.

NOTE: I do NOT have shares in AirBnB!! :P

Expat life in Philippines / Northern Luzon Cordillera and West Coast tour
« Last post by hoz on May 23, 2018, 04:28:59 PM »
My wife and I have completed our whirlwind Luzon tour
In the past 30 days we've visited
Clark/Angeles overnight, Sogo hotel next to DAU bus station
Baguio 3 nights. Metro Pines Inn
Banaue 4 nights. Spring Hill Inn
Bontoc/Maligcong Terraces 4 nights. Suzettes Maligcong Homestay
Sagada 3 nights. Isabellos Inn.
Back to Baguio 3 nights. Metro Pines Inn.
Laoag 3 nights. Tiffany Inn.
Pugudpud day trip.
Vigan 3 nights. Grandpa's Inn.
Sta Lucia, my fathers home town 3 nights. Sta Lucia Inn, the only game in town.
And back to Clark/Angeles 3 nights. Devera Hotel.
All by public bus, jeepney and mototrikes.

We booked online when available, mostly a day or two before going there. We took a chance in Baguio, went without a reservation and found a brand new boutique hotel at the north end of Burnham Park (Metro Pines Inn) for 1500 piso a night.

I did extensive online research concerning transportation. It can be confusing with several different bus companies and classes of service. When in doubt I visited terminals a day before leaving town to confirm or learn more about schedules. 

It was an epic trip and we were treated kindly by everyone we met. I especially liked discovering relatives in my dads hometown that I had never knew about. They had fun introducing their "white Filipino" relative to their town mates.
The Philippine spitting Cobra is number 2, be careful when out of the cities.
A Senior Moment?  :P
:( They seem to be coming more and more often these days also.  Don't grow old.  It's a trap!!   ??? ::) :) ;D
Thank you Bud.  And yes, it was Chuck I was referencing.  Sorry Chuck.  I should just look down at the posts and read who said what.  Going from memory causes mistakes.
A Senior Moment?  :P
< Do you mean arrogance of u$ or.......>

In engineering, "u" can be used as the Greek letter "mu' meaning 'micro'. So a $ sign, preceeded by a "u" = Microsoft. A cynical term actually meaning "Nothing will work until you pay big bucks!"i

This description of them has been in use for at around 20 years to my knowledge. Since their first disasterous attempt to upgrade to Win 97.

What I can't understand - no, tolerate is a better word - is the arrogance of u$.

Of the other 2 older machines I have, 1 runs XP without any problems and 1 has a permanent Linux O/S.
Peter - Born in the first half of the last century and not ready to be dragged into the u$ view of this one.  Not just yet anyway. ??? ??? ???

I believe many or most ppl that are really computer savvy will consider and often times use Linux of some flavor.  It is much simpler and robust these days.  For the person that has the knowledge and ability to re-image or build from scratch one of these complex machines (probably the most complicated machine most ppl personally touch)  it is stronger, better,  and so on.  It is like in the old days when by surgery we would place a Porsche engine into a VW beetle car.  After it was working,  it was awesome albeit might need a special mechanic in case of trouble.

Do you mean arrogance of u$ or Micro$oft ?
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