Author Topic: Going back to Tacloban after 25 years  (Read 5853 times)

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Re: Going back to Tacloban after 25 years
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Hi Maricel:

Yes, I would like to meet you when I get to Tacloban. I would like to email you but hard to give you my address here.

I know Sacred Heart because one of my closest friends went there. I believe they teach you how to speak and write in Chinese, don\'t they?

I will try to pm you my email address so we can communicate more personally.

Take care.  :)

Hi Mana Meg,

I just read your email but I\'ll try to answer tonight, we\'re heading off to attend Sunday Service.  Yes Sacred Heart teach to speak and write in Chinese but I\'m not Chinese.  Right after graduating high school I was not able to practice it, I only remember my Chinese name well and some words and numbers but other than that a Chinese can sell me. Lol

Blessed Sunday!! 
God bless you all!



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