Author Topic: 42 Year Old Disabled Veteran looking to move to Cebu City area from Florida!  (Read 2094 times)

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I\'m a 42 year old Disabled veteran looking to move to Cebu City area or beaches from Pensacola Fl. How do i get there from here on a small budget in the western world that i\'ve become so dischanted with? Looking to reinvent myself after 2 failed marriages and raising my children. Wanting to live in a carefree, less stressful enviroment. I have been stationed in Okinawa and Korea in the mid 80\'s. While in the service. I understand that closer to Manila, There is a outpatience Va, but from what i\'ve read The outskirts of Cebu City is more of my style. How is va and soc sec effected at all?And health care? thank you for any information. Sincerely, Wade. I\'m on my way! Just a matter of time and complete understanding! :) My injury is a brain insult injury due to combat in 1991, the gulf war in Iraq. Thank you for any info to get me heading in the right direction.

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Advice to you ! READ READ AND READ some more .There is alot of info in these posts. and many more.  I dont live there yet but soon i will move also.Be sure to check out culture.a little respect goes along way ! Good luck !

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Wade, as I understand it there are no VA facilities in Cebu.  However it is a quick one hour plane ride to Manila from there.  The Manila VA is their only facility outside of the US.  Try this link to get more info;

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Here\'s my take on this.  DON\'T up and sell everything.  First I would say to make a trip over in \'vacation mode\' 21 days, 3 months, etc., and see if it will be the lifestyle and way of life you \'think\' it will be.  Too many folks sell everything, move over, find out it\'s not for them, and then are forced to save and scrap just to get back to the USA.  Bearing in mind that the Philippines is not like you may have remembered in the 80\'s.  I was stationed on \'the rock\' as well as Marine Barracks Subic, and each time I went back, it had changed.  And it changes now each and every time we snow-bird back.  Once your there, you have to adapt to the country and the culture, it does not adapt to us.  If you went in \'vacation mode\', that would give you time to \'recon\' your area of interest, and check out other locations too.  Outside the major cities prices will be lower than inside.  We have our house in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.  For what we have there, would have cost twice the amount in Cebu City. 

You should have an income of at least 1500 dollars per month to live comfortable in the Philippines.  Yes you will hear many that will say you can do it on 500 or less, but I can\'t see it, unless perhaps you own your own home or want to live like a filipino, i.e. nipa hut house, eat fish, veggies and rice only, have no electricity or limited electricity and have very limited expenses.

I\'m sure you don\'t want to eat a \'filipino diet\' the rest of your life, so meats, etc will cost you.  You\'ll also have rent, utilities, visa extensions, and then you\'ll have to leave the country for 24 hours after your visa expires.  I believe it is now up to 2 years, someone who does this on the board can tell you the scoop on that.  Then you also have to take into consideration medication, unexpected medical costs, transportation for daily activities, etc.

For your medical stuff.  Are you 100% p/t and i/u, or are you \'x\' percent disabled?  In either case, you should get with your VRO that is in your area and have them get you the information for VA care in the Philippines.  Also, you can talk with the VA that you go to for your treatment.  Now if your a retiree, you will have to revert to TRICARE Standard.  If your not a retiree, then that does not apply.  Also you would want to check on what medical insurace is available in the Philippines for your use, the cost, co-pay, etc.  If you already have medical insurance then you would want to ensure that they would cover costs, etc., if you were to relocate to the Philippines.  If your a retiree, then that opens up a whole new world for traveling too.  That blue ID card goes a long way!

You would need to go to the VA in Manila for an initial appointment, much like you did when you first started your VA treatment here.  Then you should be able to be \'referred\' by them to a provider that they use in Cebu.  Keep in mind, that you should also come to the Philippines with at least a 90 day supply of your medication until you can get the hang of things and find out what the VA here will be able to do at their facility and at outsourced facilities.  For pensions or VA disability compensation payments, leave it in the US for the time being until you can research what banks in the Philippines you want to use and how they operate.  You can let your current bank know that you will be traveling to the Philippines for \'X\' amount of time or moving all together and that there will be withdraws or charges to your ATM card abroad.

As for social security stuff, you best bet is to talk to social security direct and get the \'straight scoop\'.

If you have the want or need to be around American\'s then your best bet would be Angeles City, Olongapo, Subic City, etc.  All the towns around the old bases.  But if you want the occassional American, Brit, Aussie, German, Norweigian, etc then outside of those places and onto the other islands as well is your best bet.  I have a handful of friends I stay in touch with and go and see when we are in the islands, but where we live, the nearest american is 30-45 minutes away.

Do your research, and prepare yourself as much as you can.  Ask many questions here on the board, there is no \'dumb answer\'.

Good luck!!

Semper Fi!

Mike J.

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Hello, Here\'s my two cents, and first post here....I am also a veteran (and a retired Army NCO), that came down with throat cancer after the Gulf War. Luckily, I was able to accept a TERA (a drawn-down offer) early retirement in 1995. Then I applied to the VA for a service connection rating for my cancer (since it was diagnosed while I was still on active duty). The VA did approve it, and now provides me free medical care. I\'m also currently residing in Florida (Orlando), with a former Philippine asawa.  I am considering spending a few months living in the PI to see if that kind of life, is what I want, or not. I\'m not sure exactly sure where I want to try first (Cebu, Baguio, Davao, and Ozamiz (my last choice as no shortage of in laws there), are my best guesses, so far). I have been to Cebu a few times, and liked it; FYI, there is an American Military Retired Activities Office there. Their email address  is/was . The reps phone number may be (032) 253 8062 / 254 233. I think they also provide some assistance to veterans only (those did not actually retire from the military). You may want to inquire with them. If you are also retired military, they can give you an APO address (US mail address, with the mail going thru the US Embassy, not the local PI postal system, as retirees are still technically in the military reserves) , help with Deers / ID Card issues, and even Tricare medical insurance matters. Again, I have only stayed in the PI as a visitor a few times, but do know the PI is the only foreign country, that has American VA support available. I also understand that the once the Manila VA office, has you in their system, they can contract a local Pinoy doctor to provide any service connected medical needs free of charge to you (including prescriptions) in what ever town you end up living in. The VA will also pay for your plane ticket to fly to Manila, from Cebu -or any other city there- (to visit the VA clinic), once a year if needed. The whole package sounds pretty good, to me anyway. That, along with the cost of living, and friendly people, are the main reasons why I\'m considering the PI, maybe as early as Feb \'09. Remember to \"Take the Hill\"...before it takes you !!  :)
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QUOTE: \"You should have an income of at least 1500 dollars per month to live comfortable in the Philippines.  Yes you will hear many that will say you can do it on 500 or less, but I can\'t see it, unless perhaps you own your own home or want to live like a filipino, i.e. nipa hut house, eat fish, veggies and rice only, have no electricity or limited electricity and have very limited expenses.\"

It is TRUE, life style and WHERE in the Country a person lives, is the key in what it will cost to live in the Philippines for a foreigner! No question about that! But, to through out a, (at least), $1,500usd price tag per month is beyond me, looking at the majority of expats living across this Country.  ???

I\'m been around these Philippines internet sites for some years now and I REALIZE we are at the lower end of the majority as to monthly cost to live here, and YES we do have everything paid for leaving UT\'s, ect. and food monthly. BTW, we are not party people either nor do we live in a Nipa Hut!! Grand-de-o-so isn\'t our style, comfort is tho  ;D

Other then that, the poster had much to say that is worthy!!


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