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Re: Balikbayan Program RA 6768
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I never said anything about a 13A/G Visa being a disadvantage! All I mentioned was about a particular visa extension procedure that was not being followed by BI officials in our area concerning what I\'ve just posted and that a lot of couples visiting the Philippines are not always ready to stay permanently, so the BB stamp or 59 day tourist visa extensions may be the best way to go to stay for short or long periods of time up to 24 months or longer! So, if couples are ready to retire and plan to stay here indefinitely, then a 13A/G visa or Dual Citizenship would be a better choice or the SRRV program for others in that particular situation!     

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Re: Balikbayan Program RA 6768
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Thank you Art
Just wondering, as I never applied for one before.
I have being using the stamp and extension for years, because we were not married. The last three times I visited; we were married, but first and third my wife stayed in Ireland; and the second when we travelled together I forgot our marriage cert. >:(

But as our next visit is for nine months (followed soon after by permanent move), we will ask for balikbayan at the airport, and I will then apply for 13A.

You mention dual citizenship; are you sure this is possible for non-nationals. Lots of the material I have read states that it is only available to former Filipino citizens.

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Re: Balikbayan Program RA 6768
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My wife and I are both Fil/Ams, so we can go the Dual Citizen route which we plan to do next month, because the BB stamp and extensions is getting old which we have been doing for the past 12 years! We are ready to stay indefinitely in the Philippines and just plan to travel once or twice every 2 to 3 years out of the country. We\'re just getting tired of all this long distance traveling!   

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Re: Balikbayan Program RA 6768
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Hopefully, you have found what is needed in this thread?

Keeping with this site setup, Balikbayan Program, 13a Program and RP Citizenship are three totally different subjects.

Any STICKY should be in the proper forum within the site. Otherwise it will be located OFF TOPIC and only found through a site search that most do not use.

Just something to keep in mind, as we try to make this site, the best information site about the Philippines on the internet!!!!!

Now, if \"I\" can heed, as a member, my own words??? ;D

It was really my fault that it went off topic. Balikbayan to 13A visa to citizenship; a natural progression?
Sorry Art.
Thank you for your help; all of you. It\'s a pity that some of the clarifications answered here are not part of a sticky. Especially with reference to the denouncement of ones original citizenship in a Filipino court, not being really legal. Thankyou again guys.

Terpe, your last post is noted. Thankyou.


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