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13a visa
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the process for the 13a visa is not as complicated as i have read no chest x-ray or no medical. i have only payed 2500p so far I\'m sure there are still more cost involved right now we are waiting on an interview from an attorney that travels back and forth to manila. I got an acr-i card its just a tourist
  visa but I think it is required to get anymore unless you just stay for 21 days. The cost was suprising i went in for a extension and i didn\'t know it but i was paying for the acr-i card also it was 7600p. they didn\'t tell me to come back in four days to pick it up but i was back there for some reason and talking to a foreigner and they told me it would be ready in four days the guy i talked to before said you pay for it but never get it so i asked about it and sure enough ten min utes later they called me back and handed to me.


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