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Re: "Thow-away tickets"
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If anyone wants to use those supposed tickets that Art was nice enough to post about in post 17, for people as an option, then go for it, just know that you do so at your own risk, apparently people are using them according to what I read online but, and it is a big but, all it is going to take is one Immigration officer or govt official who reads forums and the person with one of those may end up turned around or worse. See below,phildet/

The Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles wishes to inform the public of a directive from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration that pursuant to Section 29(a)(17) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, foreign nationals arriving to the Philippines who are admissible under Section 9(a) (temporary visitorís visa) or under Executive Order 408 with the exception of Balikbayans, but do not have valid return or onward tickets, shall be automatically excluded or will not be allowed entry into the country.

Furthermore, the airline company which allowed the boarding of an excluded passenger shall be subjected to administrative fines pursuant to Section 44(c) of the Philippine Immigration Act.
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