Author Topic: MONEY: is $2000 enough to live in Metro Manila  (Read 5193 times)

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Re: MONEY: is $2000 enough to live in Metro Manila
« Reply #15 on: March 14, 2016, 08:03:32 AM »
I have seen online that what looks like nice condos in Quezon City for about 15,000 to 20,000 pesos. OK, these are one bedroom condos but I would rather have a large one bedroom condo to a smaller 2 bedroom one.

Interesting costs. So something like 70,000 pesos a month is not enough to live in most places in Metro Manila?
Condo rents usually cost more than homes or apartments, condos here I believe are usually safer, condo rentals here usually have additional monthly condo fees, water charges, cable is usually not included, and electric is on top of the monthly fees, so be sure to ask what is included if you inquire about a rental. I have known guys who stay in pension houses because all is included, so a pension house for p1000 or less a day may end up costing less or about the same. There are also usually apartments for rent that include all the fees, maybe look to find one of those. I have found that for us in Cebu which has similar rates, that electric runs around p250 to p300 a day, so that should give you an idea of monthly electric if you need to run a/c, have a ref, have a water heater and do some hotplate cooking, gas hotplates or stoves cost a little less a month to cook on depending on how much you cook and eat home.

The exchange rate right now is just below 47 to one for US dollars but always keep in mind that exchange rates change over time and if they go up, usually so do costs and if they go down, then I have found it takes a long time for costs of items to follow.
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