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The Problem With Filipinos
« on: March 14, 2017, 07:31:24 PM »
I recently came across this and thought it would be interesting to see peoples opinions, remember it is obviously written by a Filipino, NOT ME, so please do not shoot the messenger.
The problem with Filipinos is we’re overprotective. Not of our culture, of our identity, of our resources – but of our pride. We have so much pride, too much pride, we even made a tagline out of it #PinoyPride. We’ve become overly sensitive, easily offended at the slightest of jokes, the slightest of criticisms that we end up refusing not to better ourselves because we’d rather be right and win an argument, than admit to be wrong and improve.

The problem with Filipinos is we can’t take a joke. Joke harmlessly about the country and “f*** you racist American pigs! Filipinos are hardworking! Do not come to our beautiful shores!” Joke about Filipino stereotypes and we will literally want to kill you. The problem with Filipinos is we make everything a joke. A politician jokes about raping a woman, and “It’s okay, f*****g calm down where’s your sense of humor?” A University student calls the new actress for Hermione “Ugly n****r, was she stuck in the toaster?” and you’re supposed to take it lightly. Which is it? Which is it?

The problem with Filipinos is you can’t make a joke about us, but we can about you.

The problem with Filipinos is Manny Pacquiao sitting in the senate. Is condemning “CORRUPTION!” with one hand and accepting vote buying with the other. Is tweeting about the beauty of our lands with one hand and littering with the other. Is us talking more about Taylor Swift than about being blacklisted from Foreign Aid by France due to our own negligence.

The problem with Filipinos is we are quick to hate and quicker to forget. Forget the dictator and his family for violating our rights. Forget the white men and their destructive colonization because guapo, guapo, guapo! Marry a white man because he will save you from poverty;heroically take you from this wasteland of a country.

The problem with Filipinos is we kiss white people’s feet. We lick it with such gusto we allow every fair-skinned person to walk over our farm-broken backs. Because everything American is “better.” Because everything white is “beautiful.” Because putang ina ang corny mag-tagalog, kaluod mag bisaya! Do you not understand your fear? Have you not analyzed the instinctive shyness and submission that overcomes your brown body whenever you’re in the presence of someone white? Have you not dissected the veneration you so readily give Westerners, and so readily deny your Lumad brothers, Muslim sisters? The problem with Filipinos is we value perfect English grammar over hungry Filipino lives.

The problem with Filipinos is we go to Church, but do not listen. We pray, but do not practice. We leave all responsibility with God and take none for ourselves.

The problem with Filipinos is we value word-sparring on Facebook more than the fight for freedom our ancestors bled for. Because conspiracy theories are more interesting than facts. Because our soap-operas have taught us drama is easy.

The problem with Filipinos is it took a movie for us to see the folly of our history. The problem was nobody cared enough to look in the first place.

The problem with Filipinos is we’re too nice. The problem with Filipinos is we’re not nice enough.

The problem with Filipinos is we don’t know who we are.

The problem with Filipinos is you. Is me. Is the fact we both know no matter what I say or what you say, it’s all pointless because


The problem with Filipinos is you’ll probably be more pissed at this article, than you ever were about racial injustice, police brutality, sexism, poverty, littering, hopelessness.

The problem with Filipinos is the wrong things offend us.
The problem with Filipinos is we rarely stand up for the right.

The problem with Filipinos is you. Is me. The problem with Filipinos is ourselves.
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Re: The Problem With Filipinos
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 08:57:10 PM »
I don't read crap articles coming from a Filipino describing other Filipinos. It seems the Filipino writer is just describing what race discrimintion is all about in any part of the world, not just about Filipinos, because such scenarios can apply to any race. So no, I don't bother reading past the first sentence, because I've read it before and seen it all before no matter where I have lived and worked. Discrimination in any form is here to stay indefinately throughout the ages. Just have to learn to live with it and try one's best not to be affected by it by minding one's own business.
It would possibly be the death to those who confront individuals and or groups of people bent on civil disobedience. That's what this world is coming to like walking on egg shells and hopelessly avoiding stepping on the broken egg shells to no avail. Just have to be observant and avoid individuals or groups of those types.
That's one of the reasons I retired early and moved to a suitable locaion to avoid such nonsence. "See no evil, hear no evil". Anyway, we now sort of live a recluse retirement lifestyle here in the Philippines.
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Re: The Problem With Filipinos
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2017, 12:29:41 PM »
I think I can hear all of the regular posters out there cutting down their 11-foot bamboo poles and rehearsing ways to touch this one, Lee.

In my mind, the problem is, "The problem is..." is never the whole problem.  :D

Is pride the problem? Or is the problem the need to be proud?

I often wondered why it is that some 2nd generation Fil-Whatever singing on, say, a Romanian TV talent show is so captivating to the people here. I surmise that the answer is that Filipinos have a real need to feel proud.

I think then that if that's the problem, then there's a whole mess of things that contribute to it and it's an oversimplification to call it simply "pride". There are basic emotional needs not being met that make people focus on other things to feed their ego (in a good way).

As for the rest of it, after making a case for "pride", the writer kinda wandered around and shot down their own premise, blaming more than just pride. Then they tried to wrap it up with pride again, which didn't work for me.

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Re: The Problem With Filipinos
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2017, 04:43:18 PM »
 Many of the authors statements are applicable to society in general and especially to poorer countries.
The feeling of a "need for pride" rather than pride itself is the main problem as correctly pointed out by JD.  I would say that was the reflection of Irish culture about 50 years ago when the "boic mhor" was the rich foreigner looked up to by a grovelling peasantry. This was a relic of a society where class distinctions were clear.

Unfortunately there is little sense of entrepreneurship among Filipinos and this (as well as the blatant corruption) means that people do not have the hunger to progress that one would find in traditional western societies. The consequence is that the people want the easy way out - e.g. marry a foreigner or at least desperately befriend all foreigners.

As for sense of humour  - I do not see this as a problem. The difference is understanding the difference between "laughing with" or "laughing AT".
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Re: The Problem With Filipinos
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2017, 10:43:55 AM »
Yes, it is mostly pride.  But, other cultures have the same ethnocentric deficiencies that prevents them from progressing.. Education can really do wonders and travelling.

I was reading in another thread that how foreigners are treated badly or disrespected.  I have noticed (and maybe because I really do believe) that if you compliment and appreciate the Filipino culture, the food, the beauty of their islands and their women, people will go out of their way to invite you into their lives and homes because of pride..
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