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Author Topic: Laying Driveway and Pad  (Read 2094 times)

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Laying Driveway and Pad
« on: September 04, 2017, 04:51:47 PM »
Well we are laying the driveway and walking pad behind the house.  The driveway is 10 m x 3 m and pad 8 m x 2 m.  Got a quote from a company for the driveway of php 54K.  :o  Using the in-laws brgy builder it appears the cost will be about half of the companies quote.  Never saw the builder til this morning when they got ready to start even though I asked all of last week to talk to him.  >:(  I want rebar and 4"(10 cm) concrete.  Builder you only need 2", me I want 4".  We are having 4". :D  I wanted pebble was on top.  Builder pebble wash a lot of work, you need tile.  Me, I don't want tile, so just lay concrete.  :( Work is progressing well, should all be done by Wednesday including the 2" pad.  We are buying all the product and paying labor plus lunch/merienda. ::)  I am not around when the product is bought it is the asawa and a B-I-L, so no Kano price. The hiccups this morning could have been precluded by a face to face with the builder last week, but this is the Philippines.

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