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Re: anyone into marine reef tanks?
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A 55 gallon tank, they usually come in 55 gallon instead of 50 but you can have one built if you wish in 50, would be a good way to start a marine (Fish Only) tank for you to learn about such things a water chemistry proper temperature, specific gravity (the amount of salt content in the water), ammonia levels, nitrate, and nitrate levels (one is good, one is bad)

A short answer to the maintenance problem of a marine tank is this it takes years sometimes to get to a place where you can even walk away for over a day when you are not performing some sort of task on your tanks. The Hobby is both an expensive one and one that you can be very easily become \"married to\" if you are not aware of what you are getting into.

The other thing to keep in mind unless you live in the RP and can legally (some places you can) take marine fish for free, as compared to say living in the USA on the east coast and you are buying fish from the RP, you can pay upwards to over 400.00 per fish when you figure in overnight air shipping which usually means you will be the one going to your nearest international airport to pick up your one fish. Then if you are like me in the beginning before I knew what I was doing lost that fish because I did not quarantine it , it had I marine ICK (look it up on Google) and I lost that fish but 7 others besides.

This is in no way meant to discourage you SM for it can be done, go to the many forums regarding marine tanks on the internet join a group and start asking questions. You will find many different answers to sometimes the same answers. Remember my answers are only what I do that works for me and has a proven success record. I also make many of my own products , build my own glass tanks for example for it is hard to find a retail 275 gallon tank, build my own counter current protein skimmers over 5 foot tall , do all my own custom built tops which include metal halide lights, CF lights and T5 lights plus some blue moon lights to enjoy my tanks at nighttime.

To be considered in the RP is also the real problem of keeping your tank from becoming  too hot. A marine tank should be maintained somewhere within 1-2 degrees of the temperature of which you fish originally lived in. Let?s say an average of 78-80 degrees F. Let?s say you live in southern RP in a home that is not AC and the ambient room temperature outside is close to 100 degrees and inside it is 88. Well if your tank starts running much over 84 degrees F, you are going to start running into problems the higher the water content the less amount of dissolved O2 it can hold. Thus you will need a very expensive piece of equipment called a chiller that you plumb the water through to cool it off.

I could go on and on, but think it is unfair to the forum to do so. But it is a wonderful hobby, yes both expensive and time consuming and certainly takes almost a degree in marine biology sometimes to figure it all out.

The other thing to do is, they have some wonderful screen savers now on the net that will even allow you to pick your own fish corals and other invertebrates to put in your tank complete with sounds and bubbles, thus that is one way to also enjoy. ;D ;D ;D


Thanks Murf,

I apologize I never saw your reply to post until now.   Great information.   Sounds like a great hobby.. and way to remember snorkeling trips around CEBU.   But you said it takes Daily maitnenance.   guess if we ever get House help. She will have to be schooled up in aquarium maintenance.      I found it very interesting that water temperatures must be chilled..  I guess that means the aquarium should be placed inside a room that has AC .     If I can ever get set up I will definetly remeber you as our aquariast specialist !

Take care!

Your certainly welcome and I think with the proper help of just one friend you could away for a two week vacation, if these things were taking into consideration. You will need a back up generators dedicated especially for the tank, with heaters,wave makers, skimmers ,protein skimmers ,UV sterilization equipment, your tank would go belly up in about 48-72 hours without electricity.

Now that is not to imply you would loose everything but specific marine species like anemones. blue electric clams . and most species of angel and tangs do no fair well with an ambient drop of temperature or o2 levels dropping below a certain point. Certainly you would lose some soft corals , but hard corals would fair better, your live rock and sand would probably survive, but you would certainly have a bacteria bloom (possibly starting a green hair algae problem) from the drop in water perimeters .

Thats not to say it could not be done for i have left  a 350 gallon tank one time in the USA with no back up generators, (city ordinance against private dwellings with back up genera rotors due to being higher than the safe decimal level for loss of hearing) I certainly did a lot of praying and called my friend who was checking on the house everyday for me.And everything went fine.

I guess my best suggestion for anyone wanted to start out in this hobby is get them a glass small size nano tank and try out a couple of blue yellow tailed damsels and some maybe a small 1 inch patch of red or blue mushroom . Definitely due not put any other fish in there with the yellow tailed blue damsels they are very small and beautiful fish especially when schooling .but one of the most aggressive fish i know and will pick on anything 10 times its size, they are meant to be keep alone only fish.

I would also suggest joining a RP reef forum where you will find tons of information about your questions , just remember, everyone has their own way, some work, some do not, stick with someone who has been proven in the field and has success for more than lets say 10 years before you go waisting your hard earned money on a new idea to make this into a maintenance free problem.

Marine life is much more than a hobby it is both a \"skilled craft\" that only with time and making some mistakes, tons of reading and studying and I would say almost a science in itself. For what you are really trying to do is to duplicate in a closed setting the exact requirements that exists over the top and around a coral reef and my friend you if joining this hobby and see all the beautiful creature, get you a blue moon light for watching your tank at night, will find one of the most tranquil and relaxing and stress relieving hobbies I personally believe know to mankind. Yes I probably and biased, but once you start even if you start off with two or three fishes, it will never be enough until you have that monster of a tank, this 750 gallon tank that I am hoping to have one day . I will write more later about the reef marine clubs you should join and other  places to buy and purchase equipment.

The Murf


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