Author Topic: home protection, does it ever cross you mind that you might need something?  (Read 2190 times)

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Re: home protection, does it ever cross you mind that you might need something?
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Yes we are, learning that you're like a dog with bone, just won't give it up.

You feel that I am attacking you.  Not so.

In 2009  I was running a laboratory with my wife, on a small island.

A large natural disaster occurred.  A situation identical to St.  Maarten.  I've been there.  Lovely, peaceful, serene place.

I spent the first day helping people, and tending to the injured.  There were a lot.  Once things stabilized I made my way home.

At night the gangs came.  Killed our dogs outright.  They were locust, stealing everything.  Food, water, and tools.  Hell they even took the Garden Gnome.

I met them at our front door.  I had my daughter's aluminum baseball bat.

We were lucky.  The doorway was a bottle-neck.  We came very close to dying that first night.  It took the authorities days to get control. 

Have you ever lived under siege?

Months later a greedy little man, made desperate by the disaster, attacked me with a machete.  Came close to decapitation.  I spent a long time in hospital.

It has taken a lot of soul searching to reconcile the truth.  See,  we believed then as you do now.

What happened in 2009, what is happening in the Caribbean now,  is not unique.  It is normal

Yes,  I am tenacious.  I would save you, and everyone one else, that experience.
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My advice is too late, but wanted to bridge the common confusion with language in general.  A Brit and an American argue endlessly because their vernacular is different.  Yes, its English, but its 'their' English.  Likewise, our Westernized English is different than Filipino English.  Our use of idioms is constant and it is not possible to really understand half of what we chatter about to Filipinos.  That being said, I need to be sharply aware of being straightforward, and not sarcastic with my home grown witticisms and analogies which can wreak havoc on friendships.  :)


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