Author Topic: Philippines’ LTE availability, speed still among world’s worst — report  (Read 864 times)

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Sad that the Philippines cannot seem to catch up with the rest of the world.
The Philippines still ranked close to the bottom worldwide in terms of mobile internet speed and availability, according to a crowdsourced survey. 

The latest version of OpenSignal’s State of LTE report released November 1 revealed that the Philippines ranked 69th
in terms of LTE availability and 74th in terms of LTE speed. The global report covered 77 countries.

While the country improved its LTE availability at 58.83 percent from 52.77 percent in June, the Philippines is still in its 4G infancy.

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I wish it was more like Mexico when it came to mobile cell service...
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It's so frustrating. Don't they realise how much this country would prosper if only the internet connectivity was improved? This should have been addressed 5-10 years ago if only governments were forward thinking.
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