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Don't tell us how to run our lives or country, just give us your money


Has anyone else noticed this seem to be a common feeling among many (not all) Filipinos? Over the years I have learned to just keep my mouth shut when in the Philippines because I noticed that even when I would know a way of doing things easier and faster, those I interacted with were not interested and instead took offense at my trying to tell them the easier or faster way.

I find that the people I normally talk to are more inclined to listen to what I say.  Often they will ask. But, that is only over the last 1-2 years.  I found what you said to be very true before that. 

But at that time I was still looking for the correct builders, business owners to deal with, and so on. 

Tina told me that they(the ones fitting your profile mentioned above) do things their way and don't care.  Tina listens to me and really does take it in.  She even now will take what we talk about and talk about it in her office with the workers in the market. 

Simple things like looking to the future when planning what to do with your business.  Like stocking things that sell more in larger numbers because that's how you make money(amazing how new of a concept that is for so many here) and such things.  But most still refuse to embrace them even after agreeing with them.

Some of the bigger business owners in the area invite me to outings and such with them, or to their house, and will talk to Tina a lot about such things.  Some of them have learned to embrace them,  but most just talk about them.  Who knows what comes.

Think it's just a strong cultural thing with them.

If you are perceived to be knowledgeable in an area, you may be asked (the key is to be asked) for advice and they will be interested.

If you are in a group activity your advise will be heard.

Unsolicited advise is usually not welcome.


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