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Re: ACR 1 Card
« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2019, 09:08:20 PM »
Sorry for your agony renewing your ACR I-Card every 5 yrs.
I do my SRRV ID card once every 3 yrs for $30 at the PRA Office in Makati 45 mintues from where we live and my SRRVisa is permanent and doesn't expire unless I kick the bucket and I never have to step inside a BI office ever again.
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Re: ACR 1 Card
« Reply #31 on: February 13, 2019, 11:11:40 AM »
Hi Steve,

I was suprised to hear that you had to provide photos.

When I got my card last year at the office in Bonifacio Global City, they sat me down in a room, took my picture, and electronically scanned in my fingerprints.

I guess not all offices are equal...


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Re: ACR 1 Card
« Reply #32 on: February 13, 2019, 12:00:03 PM »

That was a surprise.

See my post (16 June 2018) just below yours yesterday, on how simple it was last year at BI HQ in Intramuros.

Looks like the President's directive to simplify government procedures, went 180 degrees backward.  :( :( :(


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