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2017/2018 Further Education Costs in Baguio
« on: March 13, 2018, 01:03:26 PM »
Our daughter is a 3rd year MedTech undergrad at the Saint Louis Uiniversity (SLU) Baguio, which is a private, Dep-Ed accredited university.

(All following figures are in Philippines’ Peso.)

The fees are quite reasonable, about 25,000 per term/semester (3 a year) plus around 10,000 for special projects/personal safety equipment/tools etc. etc. per year.

The 3 terms are; August to December, January to Easter, and Easter to June.

An optional 8 week summer (June/July) school is 12,000.
She chose to do that, so most of her 5 year classroom lectures and academics (a unit credit system is followed) can be completed in 4 years, with the 5th year almost totally devoted to practical OJT in outside labs and hospitals, before final graduation refresher studies.

Her single occupancy accommodation (split level 2 rooms with small kitchen area, toilet and hot water shower) with free water, is PhP 6,500 per month.

Room electric is a fixed charge of 700 pm.

Internet - Smart Pocket WiFi internet, 10Gb package, is 799 pm.

Plus 5,000 for her monthly food and necessities allowance.

So around 250,000 +/- a year

On the plus side, both our local Municipality and the Bataan Provincial Government, have awarded her yearly (but paid in 2 tranches) bursaries of up to 4,000 from local and 8,000 from Bataan. Both these allowances are based on her achieving, in all her grades, 90% or better in the preceding academic year.

Hope this helps someone.

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