Author Topic: Tunnel vision or following bosses orders to the T  (Read 280 times)

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Re: Tunnel vision or following bosses orders to the T
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Understood Bud. More appropriate to a (non serving) military forum.

Getting back on track,

MCA. Old Spice have a product range available in the Philippines called - yes you guessed correctly - "High Endurance". So both the expat and the manager were correct. But one was probably asking about the brand (or maybe he meant the Classic range) as he knows it, and the other a specific product the store carried.
See <  > for Lazada's Old Spice product offerings.

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Sorry, wasn't referring to you.  What I did not want to say did not belong on here.  I don't know if I would say the whole forum or board.  It is something that would be in the dark place.
Whatever floats your boat.

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Re: Tunnel vision or following bosses orders to the T
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With the meds it's important to spell it out. With the other stuff it can be humorous. A friend taught me to ask, "do you know what that is" when they say out of stock. Half the time the are just not aware of the product you named. For instance:

Do you have Velcro?
No sair...out of stock.
Do you know what Velcro is?
No sair.
<describe velcro>
Oh!!! You want magic tape! And the proceed to sjow me an entire wall with velcro!

I went into Ace Hardware at SM Fairview looking for several things, including some crocus cloth, a high quality type of sandpaper that is made with a cloth backing instead of paper, so that I could polish some metal. I spent a few minutes trying to explain what it was, then asked "where is the sandpaper?" He took me to the sandpaper aisle and, low and behold, there were full racks of different grades of crocus cloth. I tried to explain the difference, but he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yes sir, sandpaper"  Go figure. You gotta love it!  :D
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