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Re: Your usual breakfast?
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My breakfasts are normally quite sparse .. Works for me.


Yes, and this breakfast you describe surely sound healthy. Must say, it's good you include a measure of water with your breakfast. We westerners tend not to drink sufficient water each day at the best of times, let alone have a set routine of a good pint of water to start each day. It's a great idea, especially in the tropics, if you don't mind my saying. Naturally, the Aussie Harvest Oats also seem a great idea :-)  My breakfast of toast, peanut butter, fruit and coffee is similar to yours,  but I find it can get a bit monotonous sometimes. That's why I'm interested in what in general Expats in the Phils tend to do for brekkie. Some of the ones we've heard about do sound mighty tasty. They sure gave me some ideas. Haha.


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