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public transportation verses our own and traffic

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Case against relying on public transportation.

My boy's Yaya left for CamSur this morning in order to spend a few days at home since it is her youngest child's elementary graduation.  I took her to the Alabang bus terminal this morning and arrived there at 5:30am.  On Saturday in the middle of the holiday week, there were a lot of people there.  She was not able to get a seat right away and finally got on a bus and left Alabang at 11:00am.  Well, the bus broke down after 6 hours of the trip right before they got to Lopez, Quezon.  I have just talked to her at 9:45pm Saturday night and they are still setting on the side of the road waiting for a mechanic to get there after breaking down around 5pm.  How ever long it takes for either repairs or to get another bus for transfer, she still has about a 3 hours to go on her trip.

Yeah, I know she doesn't have the options that I have and she will endure it and still be smiling.  But, if anyone thinks I would be happy stuck on the side of the road like that for that long, they don't know me then.

Yes, this year we filed a claim with the insurance company, Malayan Insurance. We had a fender bender accident with no one hurt and it was the fault of the other driver. The other driver could not pay, so we had to pay the P7,500 deductible but the entire front fender was replaced, to a tune of almost P50,000. Our vehicle is a 2017 Isuzu MU-X.

A police blotter was filed, we filed the claim. A Rep came out from the Insurance Company and took photos of the damage.

The only complaint I had was that it took around 2 months to get the fender replaced, as it had to be ordered through Manila. Of course, we could still drive the vehicle in the meantime. I am glad the accident did not involve more damage!

~ Gary ~
Bacolod City


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