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I have a young friend that had his On the Job Training (OJT) in the Grand Canyon, in Arizona.† He just received his W2 form, and he is due a refund of about $150 from federal income tax withheld.

Does anybody here know how he should go about getting it back?† He is now at home in Davao City.† He says some of his friends received their refunds \"automatically\", as in, they filed no other paperwork to get it.† I have never seen this situation before, so don\'t know what to suggest, other than to file online. (Is that even possible since he is out of the country?)†  He should be coming back again later this year on another work permit.† It would be nice to know ahead of time what papers to file.† His agency wasn\'t a lot of help in this regard.

Tax refunds are not automatic. Your friend has to file either electronically or download a 1040 from the irs website : . Where he is living has nothing to do with it except if if he is resididing overseas he gets an automatic 3 month extension to file.


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