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so you have this adorable cute puppy, now what?

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So you have a new puppy…now what?

First let’s get the essentials out of the way. I am in no way a professional dog trainer by any stretch of the imagination, this is about people in the RP who have bought their wives , girlfriends, themselves, or someone in their family a new dog, and now what do you do with it as far as training goes.
If you bought a Doberman Pincher, or a German Sheppard ( although I don’t think neither deserve the reputations) and you bought the dog for your own personal protection to  bite, attack bark at every one who enters your yard, you can stop  reading now for this post is certainly not for you.

 Do you have a right to have that kind of dog , of course you do, but don’t expect me or wife over for dinner especially if I adopt this child( I am such a strange person the VA calls me today tells me my recent lab reports were worse than usual, and I say so what’s new in that report, and here I am talking about adopting a child like I going to live forever, but who knows, I just might food all the damn specialist. Especially after a kind and gentle soul who lives like me in the “middle of the jungle” is sending me some purely experimental medicine discover in Africa, that I am going to take, I can’t reveal his name for he is a very private man, but a man with  a heart as big as gold.

Anyway back to the puppy training. There is some intial things you have to figure out, if it is your wifes dog, then she should train him, but if she does not know how you have only two options show her how, or do it yourself, for me, it was her dog, but I be damn if I will own a dog who jumps up on people, smells their private parts as a way of saying hello, I would never have a dog , even when they are eating, if a child walked over and petted the dog the dog better just wag its tale, not growl or snare or in the worst case snap at the child, that kind of dog I don’t want or need in my house, they think they are the one walking on two legs instead of four, think they control you, and if you want your 2000 dollars lazy boy chair ripped apart, then don’t train him, don’t let him know who is is control and that is what you will have, plus the extra pleasure of cleaning up doggy do do and doggy urine every morning, no thank you. Not for this boy. Not in this lifetime or the one before.

First rule, tell everyone, every member of the family your neighbors, your barcada, they are not to talk to the dog in Bisaya, Tagalog, Cebuano, or any other dialogue except English, is you or your wife is the one taking care of the dog, always speak to it in English and have your friends do the same, no demand they do the same.

The first word the out of your mouth when your greet your dog should be his name, in my case that is “Troubles”, repation is the key here every time you look at the dog speak its name and then give it praise, such a “good boy” or “good dog”. One or the other but believe it or not pretty soon theier vocalbarly will amaze you.

Now for the reward and punishment theory of training. Almost every dog book I have read says the same thing to get your god to do anything you must give him a “treat” or a “snack”, my answer is this…I would rather my dog do something for me, for he gets positive reinforcement through tonal praise and petting than a snack, for you will find yourself one day on the subway of new your with your dog and you tell him to come for you drop his leash with choker collar ( yes I use them and they are great) and you say “trouble come” and you even give him the hand signal for that which I will deal with in another chapter, but it only take one time that he comes back and there is no treat, for him to say…fudge this I didn’t get nothing out of that deal so I aren’t listening to that giant.

For a dog to do a command such as sit, come, stay and heel, the first four commands you need to master, giving him love and attention by saying his name, when he does good such as “Trouble good dog” and stroking and petting him, for me letting him kiss me and lick me all over my face, I know this is disgusting to some people so if it bothers you do not let him do that simply say “NO” in a firm but strict voice.

We don’t want to teach our dogs to be “human”, just good neighbors and sociable, you would be surprised how this simple techniques have lost a many a lawyer a good “your damn dog bit me and he has no rabies shots” case.

Reward, Reward < Reward good behavior, say, “bad dog” with meaning and conviction. My wife can tell Troubles to lay down and he will just bark at her, for he know she is not in charge, with me, when I come down stairs in the morning, I let him lick my face all over I scratch his belly, (any dog who rolls over and exposes his belly to you feels safe with you) it is not a natural thing to do in nature. After a minute of that , all I do is stare at him and he goes lies down under the chair. One trick, I have met many a mean dog, according to the signs posted outside of people’s houses, I have never seen one within minutes that I cannot calm down, for dogs hate to be stared at directly in the eyes for it makes them I guess, I am not a dog, ( ok enough with the side jokes) inferior in some way, after about a minute of staring I drop my eyes and slowly let the dog smell my fingers, not putting my fingers all way through the fence so the damn thing can bite them off but at first just on the outside, then slowly if he doesn’t protest I can put my whole hand in there and then as soon as I find that one spot right behind his ear to scratch his all mind, his power over me has been taken away not by punishment but by understanding.

This will take weeks to learn and I will write each step separately but this is just a guidepost for those who want to learn.
Anyone wanted more information will have to PM though for after this I will not post this publicly  for although I think it relevant, the moderators might disagree and I will do as they say, so please remember just pm me , if you want lessons to continue.

Lets end with the biggest fear of all, dog pee or do do in the house.

 We have had trouble for going on 45 days, he sleeps with us every night, and only one time during that time the first night did he pee on the bed, yep it was a mess but the dog know of know other way.

I ask my wife the next day to change his feeding schedule to 7am 12 noon and 3 pm, with all the water he wanted during that time , but no water after 3 pm, he has never made a mistake again in this bed, and if he does have to go out, I will give my wife credit she can tell because he is restless and god bless her soul I have seen her take him out in the middle of a pouring rain with a big umbrella so he could pee, but that is not very often, puppies as they grow older can hold their urine in their bladders, I had one when I got stuck on an an emergency basis in the hospital because of a plane crash and too many wounded, I was gone for two days, he meat me at the door with floating eyes, and peed for what seem like an half an hour, but he simply would not go in that house, now that’s an exception I think the norm is about 8 -12 hours at 6 months old

 And for god’s sake if he pees or messes in the floor don’t holler at him then he has no idea what you’re talking about, just take him outside immediately, if he pees or do do’s, praise him and say “good dog” and also get use to saying the word “ troubles you got to pee” and pretty soon you will find this distinct  bark, that tells you ….hey dude how bout taking me out, you got a “honey pot” in the corner you can go in so as not to go to the cr, but I have four legs and can’t sit on that thing.

Please remember owing and caring for a pet is a very expensive proportions at times, the RP is rampant with heart worms especially in Mindanao ,theirs at least 6 if not more series of shots he will need as a puppy and then a rabies shot at 6 months although I do my own at 5, for so many dogs have rabies over here, there are vitamins for shining coat, there is front line for fleas and ticks which will not stop all of them especially if you have other dogs in the house. The work that goes into owning and caring for a dog correctly is not easy, make sure you have the time and dedication to do it, or simply don’t own a pet, it is your right and better for the dog or cat.

But the rewards you get back or more than a hundredfold what you put into it, there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog at the end of the day before you go to bed, Troubles has no clue that I am a hard man to live  with, I am grouchy at times due to my illness, depressed sometimes due to the same, I can snap at people, but always later ask for an apology and say how sorry I am, I could just have shot the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  but Trouble would not care for he loves me for me, not for what I did or did not do today correctly or incorrectly,…for me I am glad Troubles is my wife’s dog, for when they say a dog is a man’s best friend, there is a lot of meaning to that statement.

Happy dog training!


not much interest i can see btut some of the things in further chapter I ill be sharingwith you are things like

the best 9 dog foods in the USA, sorry not available here unles you send it by BB boxes.

Just a few other thins AI will discuss with you are

I. The Early History and Zoological Classification of the Dog
II. The Varieties of the Dog.--First Division
III. The Varieties of the Dog.--Second Division
IV. The Varieties of the Dog.--Third Division
V. The Good Qualities of the Dog;
the Sense of Smell;
Moral Qualities;
VI. Description of the Skeleton.
Diseases of the Nervous System: Fits;
Rheumatism and Palsy
VII. Rabies
VIII. The Eye and its Diseases
IX. The Ear and its Diseases
X. Anatomy of the Nose and Mouth;
and Diseases of the Nose and other parts of the Face.
The Sense of Smell;
the Tongue;
the Lips;
the Teeth;
the Larynx;
Phlegmonous Tumour
XI. Anatomy and Diseases of the Chest:
the Diaphragm;
the Pericardium;
the Heart;
Spasmodic Cough
XII. Anatomy of the Gullet,
Stomach, and Intestines:
Calculus in the Intestines;
the Liver;
the Spleen and Pancreas;
Inflammation of the Kidney;
Inflammation of the Bladder;
Rupture of the Bladder;
Fistula in the Anus
XIII. Bleeding;
and some Diseases Connected with the Organs of Generation
XIV. The Distemper
XV. Small-pox;
Fungus Haemotodes;
Sore Feet
XVI. Fractures
XVII. Medicines used in the Treatment of the Diseases of the Dog
Appendix. New Laws of Coursing

so if anyon i still interested please just pm me for further free information.

Wow this is so helpful!! I pretty need this info for our new puppy. Thanks for sharing this!

Our three are rescue dogs, and were quivering and shivering with fear and terror and nerves, when we got them. We don\'t \'train\' them, but just be nice to them, treat them like family. That is all we do, and they love us for it. They are guard dogs, and pets, and family members.

This was Cookie and Nuggets bath day, a few weeks ago. I have no idea what is going on with the towels, as my wife took the piccies and sent them to me.

This is Jack, he has had a horrendous life, and has very little fur under his neck after five years tied on a length of wire. He was very nervous and scared, but is getting better all the time.

Cookie and Nugget again.

How do you go about finding rescue dogs in the PI?  Unfortunately I will be leaving behind my rescued dog Roxy, in about 3 months, lucky though my sister and niece will give her a loving home, this dog lived in a kennel for 2 years before I got her, great dog, gonna miss her  :\'(

By the way nice lookin\' dogs, King, Its amazing to see how a abused or neglected dog turns around after being given a safe and loving home.

Lovely looking dog, shame to leave it behind. We left five of ours when we moved to Engalnd last time, but they went o a nice home, the mum in laws.

Finding rescue dogs? Look on any street, there are dogs everywhere that need rescuing. ;D Many of them really do get treated terribly in the PI.


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