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This seems like a great idea, what do you all think?

Buy it at this link https://waterlilyturbine.com/ although a bit expensive for now at $159, maybe prices will come down eventually.

In the early 90's I went to the uncle of a good friend of mine.  He lived on the White River in West Michigan and was a 60's hippy living ahead of his time in the whole "go green" movement.  He had a nice 4 bed home on a sizable piece of property with 3 of the generators in the videos below, as well as a few solar panels and wind turbines.  He was always tinkering with the solar panels and swore he'd never buy again as the costs of buying and installing to what is made in power will take 15 years of using them, including heavy maintenance to ever make them worth while.  But, the water generators he set up and those are the "heavy lifters" of them all.  They work year round with very little maintenance and create more electricity than the solar and wind turbines combined.  He hit almost 3kw streaming power consistently from just the water powered generators. 
This man went to school for engineering and had a sharp mind.  These do take some work, but if you have the know how, and live on a river....
These are not his videos.  But these look a lot like what I saw him have setup in his yard.  He actually had it all going on inside a building that was heated by the same wood stove he had in his house.  He had some sort of transfer setup so it was able to send heat out into the detached "shed" in the winter.  I was impressed with it all really as I was high school at the time only and only saw this stuff in books.  Was more a theory to me than reality...but science class taught so had a string of truth to it.  This guy made it all very real to me.


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