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Philippines Airlines - why can't I book premium economy?


So, had been planning to visit Philippines this year...yeah, think again...the other half did make it there - and made it back just before the lockdown...

Been looking at flights with Philippines Airlines for early 2021 - no availability for Premium economy on any flights. WTF?

Emirates or Qatar now looking more likely...

Anyone else had issues booking Premium on PA?

Until the Philippines' Government decide what they will allow PA to do, operationswise, there will be a dearth of international flights available. Will some international carriers still be in operation in 2021? Or even by November this year? Most will be financially strapped and some even may be bankcrupt by then.

At the moment, if you are a foreigner and lucky enough to snag a flight here, be prepared to spend 14 days under "house quarantine" in a government approved hotel at your own expense, after you pay for the processing of your Covid-19 test.

This lack of flights will also be true of other international air carriers.

If I was intending to travel internationally, which I am not, I would wait until the autumn before making any plans.

Stay safe.


Problem doesn't seem to be lack of flights. PA website is showing availability up to end of April next year - I can book an Economy flight, just not Premium or Business. What I was getting at was why would only economy be available? That seems unusual to me.

Not planning on booking anything for a while, but was interested to see what prices were being quoted for early next year. In particular, I was trying compare the price of economy to the price of Premium and Business - not no availability shown for any of the latter two - for any date!


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