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How do we petition to get the kids here?

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Hi Folks,
 Thanks for letting me join this site.
My wife arrived (K1 visa), we married and all went fine. Her children were named in the original paperwork but did not accompany her here. That was more than two years ago. Now she is a permanent resident here in the US. We want to send for the kids. Is the I-130 the right and only form needed?

I am thinking the children need passports (that means birth certificate, photos, police clearance, NBI report, yes?).

Will they need an interview with the embassy?

Can anyone remember the procedure?

Thanks for your help,

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
First of all, welcome to the board!
Google is your friend, ask it any questions you may have concerning anything.
Here's a sample Google page below that concerns the petitioning of children to
the U.S. from the Philippines.


Welcome to the friendly group Steve. I do not have answers to your questions and hope someone else will chime in and answer them for you.

If your in the US, it would be easier for you to retire here in the Philippine vice bringing those kids to the US, get ready to cough up some serious time and cash.  I tried this with my legally adopted kids out of Manila, I couldn't get that valued US Visa, you can get everything else but  you won't get a Visa so they can travel stateside, it'll cost you big time and don't forget that US Home study, cost will be close to $30,000.


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