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what's everyone riding ?

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I guess a lot of people on this forum ride bikes so I'm interested in what people ride. Scooters to commute, tricycles for family transport or business to large capacity crotch rockets and cruisers. They're all available here and I'd love to see who rides what.
I've had tricycles, Barakos, an XRM110 and a number of larger bikes since I've been here and always on the lookout for interesting projects. I currently have a Honda VF750S, Yamaha XS650 and a Guzzi V35 Imola in the garage and I'll be looking for a 135 Sniper soon for a town commuter.

Neat bikes, I used to have a 69 Harley XLCH then a Kawasaki 500 and a Honda 350 that I used to drive to work. I haven't ridden a bike in years and I doubt that I would ever ride one in the Philippines but have seen some nice bikes in Cebu and Mindanao.

Ill post pictures when I get some, but presently, a 78 Yamaha 650 project not running.  A 2012 Yamaha Sniper 135, a 2014 Yamaha Mio 125 mxi, and a Honda CRF 250 dirt bike....Hopefully I will add a Royal Enfield to that sometime this year.
The Sniper is perfect for running around town and for Malines brother to take to school has not had one problem.
The Mio is Malines ride, perfect for shopping
The Honda is what I take when I go to the province as there are places the road is just a pig trail.
If I get one, the Royal Enfield will be just for me and Maline to tour on...

Lee, has your Sniper got a manual clutch or centrifugal ?
I'm torn between the two. On one hand I want to be able to ride with one hand only and on the other I've always preferred a manual clutch. I know it's easy to convert a centrifugal to manual myself if not happy with it, but really can't be bothered.
I'd appreciate and value your opinion.


Its a manual, and its smooth, love that bike..its way better than a raider in my opinion..and just as fast, Ive raced a couple of raiders and always win.  BTW, if you do get a sniper, I have a friend in Manila who's a sniper can take one out to 180cc with a new head..check out Pao Piczon on my FB...


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