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Motorcycle tires, how long do they last?


I know the ones in the US last a long time, so are there any good brands of Philippine motorcycle tires which also last a long time?

Not that I know of.  Talked to my expat friends around here.  All the ones that have bikes pretty much told me to plan on new tires every 1-2 years.  They each told me where they prefer to get their tires and all that.  But, one of them did say he won't buy local and would only buy on trips to Manila or Cebu.  Said the quality of tire he buys cannot be found in the province. 

So far I had to replace my tubes 3 times.  Never my tires.  Been about 18 months on the bike I have now and they are probably about 1/3 way worn treads.  So about half way till time to change as I do not want to drive on bald tires.  But I just put around town and take  vans to get from city to city instead of my bike.

Do you have the same problem with the tires on cars?
Here in the states I get about 50K out of a set of tires.
I change them every 4 or 5 years.
I also get free tire repair for the life of the tire, can you find anything like that in the P.I.?

There were two tire dealerships near where I lived in the USA that had that type of deal on their tires.  I cannot give you a good assessment on this as I'm sure the deals that exist in the cities are different than what is where I live now.  Where I live, there is nothing like that.  Pretty much buy the tire and hope it lasts.


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