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More VISA handling offices?

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I have seen Manila and Cebu in other VISA topics. Are there offices handling 2 months extensions and such at e g Bohol and Mindanao too? 
When I have settled down then I will want to travel as litle as possible  :)  (Except I plan to visit Sweden around once a year.)

dutch expat:
Lunkan have a look at this website

Thank you.
YEAH! Although 2 hours or so travel  (mini-)busses go direct to the Office cities from both the villages I think of mainly to move to !


I\'m living in Cagayan de Oro on Mindanao.
What place on Mindanao were you thinking of visiting?

Maybe I can give you an idea of travel times to/from a BI office?
There are a few satellite BI offices you can go to for extensions,
as well as in the cities.


Thank you. I need to heal my knee before I can travel, so it will take a while. But I thought mainly of how it would be if settling down there, not need to travel long many times. No big problem if it\'s some hours more or less, but it\'s good I don\'t need to travel in days.

Actualy the most likely at Mindanao is rather close to Cagayan de Oro !   :)  (or perhaps it will be Surigao del Sur or Zamboanga del Norte).


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