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Author Topic: Hello for starters!! i am from the UK and have been offered a job in the  (Read 4653 times)


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I am having my first call this evening with the Director of the company tonight.

Is there anything is should be warey of?

Any advice in this area would be of great help.

Anything the company should be offering me and may not?



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1. Contract or Salaried
2. You\'ll need work permit that employer should get for you
3. A UK salary will go a long way in Philippines
4. Will you be paid from Philippines.......will mean tax savings in UK
5. Will you be paid in Pesos or £ sterling or U$ dollars
6. Rents are lower
7. As a foreigner you can only buy condo not land
8. New cars no cheaper.....used cars more expensive
9. Electric appliances more expensive
10. What line of work? Can\'t warn you off tech/profession roles........I\'d be suspicious if it was anything in service/hotel industry as Filipinos work for SO much less

That should get you started

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It would help if we had more information, such as where you will be located, kind of job and position,company working for International or local and personal circumstances such as married, children.

To add what Captain Ron has said, at a minimum expect relocation allowance including flight cost, hotel while settling in, shipping of personal goods and cash allowance. Similar applies at end of contract† to relocate back to UK, adequate health insurance, differential payment between UK and Philippine taxes (If Phil taxes are higher than you would have paid in UK, in most cases they are ).

Also would be expected is a rental allowance and if you have children education fees paid. Flights, insurance etc should also provide for family.

Depending upon your position you can also expect the company to pay for rental and utilities, domestic staff, car with driver, club membership, annual flights home for you and your family, pension, UK National Insurance, cost of renting property out in UK, Philippine taxes, adjustment for currency movements and a hardship allowance.†

The rental allowance depends very much where your located, if you are in the NCR† (Metro Manila) expect a lot higher than other places.

It goes without saying that you should read fully and understand your contract of employment. If you are unsure don\'t let the company say to you \"well this is how it is done in Philippines\"†