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--- Quote from: BudM on February 14, 2018, 07:33:43 AM ---12k?  Good luck.  I hope Leyete is way less expensive than Metro Manila.  Then again, there sure is a lot of talk on here about inexpensive living out in the provinces.  Where I live, which is one of the less expensive areas of MM, the first year I lived here I was paying 25k rent on about 52 sqm two bedroom condo.  My last place in a northeast FL city that I lived in I was renting and it was a large townhouse for equivalent to about 46k.  A place the size of that condo that I lived in here, probably would have cost me almost about the same there.  But, there must be something to it.  Some people talk about 4, 5, and 6k rents.  And a minimum 900 sqf house, like you mentioned, although small is not a exactly a small house in the Philippines.  I have trouble picturing it.  Again, I hope you get what you are looking for with what you are budgeting.

--- End quote ---

We usually pay between p2,000 to p3,000 in MM. I did not even know there were places where people were paying p25,000 a month in rent! That is more than our entire income!

The provinces are cheaper.

Bisaya gyud:
Some mentioned Talisay. Be advised the population density is 15,000 people per square mile (5700 per square km). Traffic on the main thoroughfares can be crushing much of the time, looking more like parking lots than roads.

Cebu City and immediately surrounding cities and municipalities are crowded, and not inexpensive by Philippine standards. Those who aren't interested in living in a highly urbanized area, and/or are on a limited budget - might want to check out Ormoc, Leyte.


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