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Foreigner Friendly Rentals?

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Is there any way for a foreigner to rent in the Philippines any more? Last time no one would rent to us. We ran out of money staying at hotels, and eventually had to leave. Literally no one, on any island, would rent to a Pinay with a white dude. I have lived in the Philippines for years and never had this problem before. Now no one wants my money. I Have ACR, ICR, NBI, PNP, BC, SSS, TIN, etc. My only negative is no PDC, since the new FACTA level 3 compliance.  :-\  My bank account does not allow cheques. Is Duterte just making things more racist or is there a new way to get a place? 

In Cebu foreigners have no problems renting so I am not sure what areas you are having those problems in so that others can stay clear of those areas?

Also BPI bank and I belive BDO accepts US dollar checks but holds them 21 business days and charges $5 when you deposit one, so what bank are you having those issues with, so others can learn to stay away from them as well.

I believe by PDC you mean post dated checks, from what I have seen in Cebu, first, last and two months security deposit usually work to avoid having to give PDC's but of course like with everything else, YMMV depending on landlords.

Your issue is probably that you cannot provide post dated checks.

For the landlord post dated checks provide a higher level of protection.  Not honoring payment by check is a criminal offense (estafa) so there is more leverage to get you to pay.  Not honoring payment based on a rental contract is a civil offense and not criminal.

(If you offered to pay a years rent in advance you probably would not have the same problem.  But who wants to pay a years rent in advance.)

Speaking of BDO and probably other banks too or else to follow, as of July 1, 2018 if you write a check out whether post dated or current you are required to adhere to a certain date format of which there are numerous.  If you put the date on there and it does not follow the advisory, they say they will refuse the check.  If you don't know about it, the advisory is posted in their banks and on their website.

I have never encountered any problem with renting in Mindanao. The other thing I do not understand is the big deal with cheques (checks). I have not seen one for about 25 years and thought most of the developed world had also moved on.


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