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Lawyer who will make my Deed of Absolute Sale


Hi I am Larissa, I am new in this Forum, I hope you can help me.I am selling my land on another island. I am living in Cebu and my buyer  too. Do we have to get a lawyer in that place  to make the Deed of Absolute Sale or I can ask my lawyer here in Cebu to do it.

Hi Larissa, welcome to the forum. I removed where the property is since it might be seen as advertising, which would be against the rules, even when you stated you already have a buyer for it, the thread could end up leading to questions about the property itself.

As for your question, in order to do a title search, I would think a lawyer would have to be on the island itself, yet I hope others can give you a more knowledgeable answer, why have you not asked your lawyer, maybe he knows of a lawyer there? Also, you bought the property there, did you not use a lawyer to buy it, just some items to consider.

Technically you don't need a lawyer to execute a deed of sale (only a notary) so if you use a lawyer the lawyer can be from anywhere.

If the buyer is going to use a lawyer to handle all of the documentation prep, filing, etc. up through the title transfer process it would be best to use a lawyer from the area where the property is located.  A local lawyer usually has better contacts in the various government offices.  (Even for all of this a lawyer is not required but is recommended.)


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