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This very thing happened to an acquaintance now living in Bicol. The husband threatened to press charges, but actually it was just a scam to get money; which this guy paid. They then moved from La Union to Bicol. Unless real jealousy is involved, I am willing to bet the pay off is what most are looking for. Unless it's a jilted girlfriend-- and then hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.


--- Quote from: coleman2347 on October 09, 2014, 09:00:53 AM ---Somewhere I knew this, there was a "locked up abroad" tv show about a Brit this happened to.  But when I was scanning the news and saw this bit of news, I thought it could not hurt to post it as you never know who it might help.

--- End quote ---

Yes I remember.. A big story in the UK whilst they were on the run..
The family eventually escaped to the UK.

Another relic of religious bigotry juxtaposed with 'so-called law' and ignorance.


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