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Gray Wolf:
After careful consideration I\'ve decided to reopen our jokes board.  To give us all a fresh start I\'ve deleted all the previously posted jokes.  Some weren\'t funny anyway or weren\'t Philippine related, including some posted by me.  They were put in a special board viewable only by the Moderators and Administrators so that no one would be affected by a sudden decrease in posts.  We had enough of that due to the recent Forum crash.   :(  

We all receive jokes every day by email.  Some are very funny, but most of them have nothing to do with the Philippines.  The idea of this board is for jokes that are related to Living in the Philippines.  So please, before posting ask yourself; does it in some way relate to living/retiring/vacationing here in the Philippines?  If not, don\'t bother posting it, no matter how funny it is.  It will simply be deleted.  If you complain, it will fall on deaf ears.  Complain again and you\'ll be put in a No Post status for a while.  Sorry, but we don\'t have time for those who can\'t play by the rules.

Which brings us to the following:  To make this work we must have rules/guidelines.
1- No dirty jokes!  Remember, we have ladies present and our Forum rules prevent anything not PG-rated.  

2- No bashing, of anyone, especially Filipinos.  Juhn Juhn and Kuya Eddie jokes are acceptable, unless one of our Filipino members complains.  

3- Any non-Philippine related jokes, no matter how funny, will be deleted, immediately.

4- All jokes are subject to approval by the Moderators and Administrators.  Their decision is final.  No exceptions.

Remember, this is just for fun, so have fun and post some good jokes for all of us!  We all need a good laugh now and then.   :)


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