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46.395 pesos to the Dollar!

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John Amend-All:
Well, from a British perspective I am also glad to see the rise of the dollar against the peso. The pound has been dropping like a stone against the dollar in recent weeks, from £1 = 2$ a few weeks ago to $1.766 today. I think they have finally worked out that the British economy is shot. Imagine if the dollar had not risen, we Brits would be living on rice and bagoong.


Flt Simulation:
Keeps getting better ...

Afternoon of Tues, Sep 16 ... the official rate is now up to 47.3 pesos to the USD even though the US stock market crashed to the tune of 504 points on the Dow!† ;D

About 5 months ago when the peso was at 41.5 to the USD, I bought a lot for 3,137,000 pesos ... Cost me $75,600

Had I bought that lot today at 47.3 ... It would have cost me only $66,300

A very large difference of $9,300 ... But, who can predict what the FOREX will do ... oh well

Peso 49.09 which hopefully means 50 is coming.  ;)


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