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My wife and I have been using Grab a lot lately and finding for the most part that it good to use but it seems a lot of people who use it do not know that there is a service charge on top of the meter and some taxi drivers try to charge more than the actual service charge, so I am making this post to find out information and to be informative about Grab in Cebu.

In Cebu p10, how much in your area?
Additional P10 Booking Fee for GrabTaxi starts on October 16 in Cebu!

Worth reading if you might be using Grab at all.
Terms of Use for Philippines GrabTaxi Passengers

I use both Grab and Uber several times a week and have never been approached to pay more than what was calculated when the booking was made. For me in the city it still comes out cheaper than owning a car and dealing with the headaches of maintenance etc.

They have Uber in Cebu or just Grab ?


--- Quote from: chimellie on March 10, 2018, 04:32:42 AM ---They have Uber in Cebu or just Grab ?

--- End quote ---
Both, but so far I have found Uber to be useless, every time I checked them, there were only a few and all down near Colon, so useless to me but possibly will be good another day or to someone in that area.


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