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Retirement visa or Tourist visa?

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Got my immigrant visa approved yesterday.  Just waiting on my name to show up on the website.  Simple process really.  The info desk at intramuros answered all our questions. No need for a fixer.  Btw there is a free notary at the immigration now. Ignore the scammers outside who are hawking notary services and demanding money for use of the taxis.

After the 5 minute hearing at immigration, took a taxi to LTO. 

2 hours, a drug test, physical, 2 papers and 1100 pesos later I have a local license.  I now have valid licenses for 3 countries, and 2 of them licenses to drive everything including semi trucks.

Thanks for starting this thread :) It basically answered most of the questions I had regarding the tourist vs retirement visas.  Just to clarify one point though:  The initial 21 one day stay is visa free correct?  I'm a little confused as the Ph Aust embassy site says Australians can enter without a visa for 21 days but I see you guys discussing initial visa applications or is that just for the first up 59 day visa?

This is all great information guys, my planned moved has just come forward a bit :)

Mate, don't make the same mistake I did when I came here April 2010.  I had the 59 day visa from their consulate in Sydney b4 I came here and thought that it kicked in after the 21 day free period.  It doesn't.  Its 59 days from the day you get here, so I was fined when I went to renew it for overstaying my visa.   >:( 

If you come here for a period of less than 21 days you do not need a visa, but if you plan on staying longer than the 21 days and don't have the visa to cover the initial time they won't let you into the country as I understand it.

Also, something new is the one year multiple entry visa they offer now, mate of mine got it in Sydney last month, he is here now for three months.  However I haven't checked his passport stamp to see if he has to renew it after 59 days here.  It all gets a bit confusing.  I think on my visa I only had a 3 month window to enter the country, but could be wrong so many San Mig Lights later.  Can't check my passport now as their Bureau of Immigration has it for my latest extension and renewal of my card, pick it up tomorrow.  (with more late fees again)  :-\



Your friend had better go to Immig. and get his passport stamped.
A multiple entry visa just means he can come and go for the period of
time the visa is in force (1 year). If he is here more than 21 days at a time
he needs to get an extension or he will be fined.


Go to the Phil. Embassy closest to you in Oz and get a 59 day visa straight off.
It's much cheaper to do it in Oz than come here for 21 days and then extend for 38.


My understanding of a one year multiple entry visa is that it is good for 59 days every time a person enters the Philippines during the year of the visa, please correct me if I am wrong on that.


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