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Is anyone that is living here in the Philippines supplementing their incomes with internet type business or work? I'm not looking to make tons of money just some extra spending money and since I do spend quite a bit of time on the internet why not make some cash doing it. I have found since my arrival here, retirement is great but sitting around the house all day is getting old. The GF is a school teacher and is gone during the day so I don't have much to do. Please feel free to post or message me offline if you have ideals or are involved with what I'm looking for.

Thanks Dan

I might want to wind up trying to do something like that just to keep me busy.  I don't consider that I spend all that much time on the internet but I do use it a lot to research stuff.  I still need to find some other stuff to do.  During baseball season, I am going to stream the Yankee games to the TV but then again, I don't want to sit there for 2 and half to 3 hours every day to watch them.  About an hour at the most is good enough.  Right now, I am trying to research and locate some racquetball courts.  The couple that I have found, appear to be some kind of exclusive membership situations.  Tennis courts seem to be more available but I just don't have an interest in tennis.  I might have to get to learn to like it though. 

Your gf being a teacher, I would imagine prevents her from taking you to work with her each day.  On the other hand, mine has a business where she thinks she is going to take me every day and have me hang around her offices.  She has bought this up several times and I keep telling her that it isn't going to happen.  I might show up there once a week on my own maybe to see if I can help her out with anything but that is about it.  Come to think of it, it might be convenient for me to show up once in awhile since one of the malls is right across the street.  I can go over and round up some goods without having to have her insisting she accompany me.  Maybe.  LoL.

Writing EBooks seems to be one way to make a little money, so anyone with a specialty might consider writing a book and selling it online. Also Paladin Press is one place I heard people sell books they write.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I used to be an avid racket ball and tennis player in my younger years and I was pretty good at it! If I tried playing now, I just my have a stroke and keel over! 8 ball is probably all I can manage to play and or a game of table tennis!
I haven't found or thought of anything on how to make extra money here in the Philippines! Balut vendor? Nah! On-line stuff isn't my thing either since I'm no whiz kid on the computer! Oh well, I guess I'll just continue and do nothing for the rest of my life! ??? ::) ;)     

Gray Wolf:
It's important to do something that you enjoy, otherwise it's just a job and you could easily lose interest.  Your skills will have a big part to play.  Some I know have blogs and earn a few dollars from Google adwords and such.  I'm sure there are day traders as well.

I'm fortunate in that my business is already done over the internet.  Every time we visit, I bring my computer and continue working while I'm there.  When I finally relocate, I'll continue my business to help pay for everything.

Good Luck Dan!   :)



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