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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: PalawanAussie on May 16, 2013, 04:19:23 AM ---For those who are, or will, earn money in the Phils ..

The New York Times
Wed, May 15th, 2013

Business Day Section: "Retirement"

Are you taking a "working retirement" abroad? Tell us about the rewards and challenges involved in resettling and getting back to work outside the United States. Be sure to specify where you used to live and where you live today as well as what type of work you do. Selected comments may be highlighted in a follow-up piece.


--- End quote ---

I'm certain the NY Times will ignore anything they don't like and will only follow up on those individuals they know personally and "like".  I wouldn't tell the NY Times anything about myself or my business, no matter how nice they ask.  My business dealings are on a need to know basis, and they don't need to know.  JMHO

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I thought we all went through this similar topic before! Again, JMHO, working in the Philippines for pesos (peanuts) doesn't appeal to me, just seen it too many times people just earning nickles and dimes per hr! So, I remain retired for good while residing here! After working 30 to 40 yrs and then retiring, why would anyone even think about returning to work? That's just plain foolish, but not for some who are die hard workaholics even after retirement, maybe it's due to the lack of their retirement income or they just plain like to keep busy and continue working! 
I will not bankroll relatives and or friends to do so on my or on their behalf, that's foolish too, been there and done all that long ago and lost my shirt just after a short few years and never got my capital investment back! Those were hard lessons learned here in the Philippines! So, don't do as I did and or don't do them at all by going back to work after retirement or start a business here in the Philippines any which way! If one sees and hears all of the warning signs in the beginning, take heed and accept the warning signs for what they are in order to avoid all of the stresses, aggravations and hassles that comes with working and doing business in the Philippines!
Do you feel lucky or smart enough to be successful here? Go right ahead and more power to you! I did not say it was impossible, just difficult for most who have tried it and failed and for some who are still around and getting by or just surviving! JMHO! ??? :o ;)

Why would anyone here want to boost the sales of the New York Times? ??? ??? ?? It is not really related to Living in the Philippines and you would have to read the newspaper to get any of the results. JMHO also  ;)

Rob from Mel:
Colin , it is simple really , you write how well you are doing in business in the Philippines and then the IRS have a lead , following IP adresses , regards Robert .

Palawan Aussie:
Hahaha .. what a load of crock .. old-fart moans and groans .. hahaha .. come on guys! :-D I have the feeling numbers of folk are mainly hanging around for the occasional useful posts, those with valuable and useful information, great posts, on top of the basic stuff about living in the Phils like entry visas etc. It's for certain people here have great stuff to contribute, stuff we can learn from, rather than just complaints and moans about other posts. Hahaha! Come on guys, how about lots more USEFUL posts .. written from your unique, interesting and valuable individual experiences. We all have experiences we can all learn lots from. C'mon guys, no offence, please TEACH us useful stuff .. isn't that why we are here? :-D

With genuine respect,
and friendship, cheers! 


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