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2014 Cost of Living Survey

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Gray Wolf:
It's time for us to gather current information on Cost of Living in the Philippines.
Send completed survey to  Also share your findings here for all of us to see.

Use the following guidelines for submitting your cost of living figures:

PLACE, City, Town, Village, Province:

KIND OF RESIDENCE: House, Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Room, Pension
House, Hotel, Resort:

RENT in Pisos per month. Please include how long you have been living in
this place, etc.  Or you can just put the rent no other comments as you can do on all

items.  It would be nice to know how many living in the house if you care to

share that and any other information, special circumstances bearing on the
cost of living.

ELECTRIC: Cost per month. If you have brown outs, generator, you may
want to include. How many aircons, other serious appliances like electric
irons, ovens, TV's, DVD players, computers, water heaters, etc.

GAS Costs; LPG for cooking, maybe charcoal

WATER:  per month and any comments you my have as to  buying bottled water, lack of water, using pump

COMMUNICATIONS: Internet, local  and long distance telephone, MagicJack, VoIP, cell phone , Internet Cafe, etc.

CLOTHING: Shoes, jewelry, watches, repairs for same, trinkets, etc.:

HELPER(S): Salary, live in or part time, relative or not?

GROCERIES;  and other food stuffs. Where you shop, wet market, supermarket, eat from vendors, etc., if you care to share.

BAR BILL. ENTERTAINMENT : if any, Liquor, etc.

EATING OUT: Often, seldom, etc. if you care to share.

CAR EXPENSES: gas, repairs Allowance,

TAXI, JEEP, TRAVEL EXPENSES: especially if you are required to go back to your country often if you can share.


MEDICAL EXPENSES: Maybe you will comment if you are a Veteran, have
health insurance for yourself and family, PhilHealth others. How much do
you spend for average doctors visit. Is prescription medication a big part
of your expense. How about supplements, alternative therapy if have and you
care to share?

Total Cost Of Living:

Send it to

Thank You!
Jack Bishop - "Gray Wolf"
LinP Administrator

Just stumbled on this - are the results published anywhere? Looks like it might be useful.


--- Quote from: codefreeze on May 01, 2017, 10:30:54 PM ---Just stumbled on this - are the results published anywhere? Looks like it might be useful.

--- End quote ---

I know they used to post the cost of living on the main Living in the Philippines pages but it seems it is only up to 2015 so far, I have forwarded your question to Don (the owner) and his assistant Gerlie just in case there is another answer.

Don replied to me and basically he wrote, in his opinion there is no way can that we can do better than therefore they stopped updating the home page of this forum for cost of living.

Ah OK. Thanks for that Lee! I will follow up on that link.



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