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Shoe repair school or program?

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--- Quote from: Peter on July 10, 2019, 04:20:38 PM ---The Philippines Immigration folks are very, very strict on foreigners (when they catch them) who do not have the correct visa allowing them to be educated, employed, carry out social or voluntary work, etc. etc.

Coming in as a visitor or tourist, all you can do legally is to visit or tour. Having one of the different types of permanent visas will allow you to do what you want. Best to check with the BI website for info for your particular circumstances.
The BI has a website <  > and an 'effbook' site as well.


--- End quote ---

Thanks Peter,
I'll check it out.

Hi Talfarlow, I live in and around Sta Cruz Laguna there are a couple of roving shoe repair men and also a few small shops and so you must have somebody in your area that repairs shoes, I'd ask them how they learned the trade.

I've had my leather dress shoes and leather walking shoes repaired and the roving repair guy sewed the soul to the shoe sort of like Dr Martin type shoes it sure saved me a ton of money and it looks nice, the cost was around $150 - 300 pesos.


--- Quote from: M.C.A. on July 11, 2019, 02:38:01 AM ---................................., the cost was around $150 - 300 pesos. .......

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Hey M.C.A!

I've got a spare 300 pesos. Will you give me $150 American?  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Seriously though. Our guy in the market has repaired a couple of pairs of boots and a pair of loafers for me. Excellent work. He uses a hand, sail-making type of needle and a small hammer and last. As you said, similar to "DM's" stitching.

Anything leather, nylon, or canvas. Bags, backpacks, shoes, boots you name it he's a whiz! PhP 50 to 250 is the usual charge, obviously dependant on the item.



In the Manila area Mr Quickie is one of the shoe/leather repair chains. Twice I've had expensive leather shoes I brought from the states resoled. Price was cheap and workmanship great. I would think that most people here in this kind of trade was hands on learning. Find yourself a tradesman that will talk to you and show you the ropes if they think you are serious.

Talking about shoe repair. Had a pair of Echo shoes. Soft and very comfortable to wear and cost quite a bit. Well the sole cracked and i could not wear. Brother in law asked me if he could have it. Gave it to him. A few days later saw him wearing it with a new sole. Looks like new. Now i am saying to myself. Couldn't he told me i could have it resole. Guess i never ask. Aha.


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