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Any members living in Garden Villas Estate, Sta Rosa, Laguna?

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Looks nice, the best of luck with it.

Gray Wolf:
Very clean and nice looking!  I hope it works out for you!

Thanks Lee & Jack  :D

When we stayed at our new house for several  months last year we would enjoy breakfast in the lanai, and then at around 5pm when the sun left our balcony we would enjoy drinks there for an hour or more until the sun went down. It was enjoyable to just sit watching the world go by, people arriving back from work, the sub division construction workers going home.

My advice to you would be to check the construction work as often as possible. We had an engineer friend of my wifes family go over weekly to check things, and the family itself visited several times a week. When we arrived to move in we still found a number of problems but the development company were very good and fixed them all during the first month.

Before we even arrived there, when the house was completed, my sister in law had to sign for it 'as seen', and in theory we accepted it as it was. We found that by keeping on good terms with the developers, giving small tips to the labourers doing remedial works, and cultivating the foreman, electrician, plumber etc we got well looked after.

When we wanted small improvements, paths, garage hard stand etc we got the developers to do that, though probably we could have saved a small amount getting outside workers on the job. But it all helped relationships with the developers so to get the house sorted - eventually!

Good luck, I hope you will be very happy there. We now have to wait until next year before we can spend extended time there once again.



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