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Mindanao, safe or not


I am not sure how many people are aware of just how large Mindanao is but it is very large and for the most part most of it is safe. So guys do we stop flying in planes because terrorist crashed some or do we stop going to New York State because terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and had tried to blow it up at least once before, do we stop going to Oklahoma because someone blew up a govt building. Anyway the point I wish to make is just because a place is in Mindanao does not mean people should be afraid to go there. I have traveled about one third of Mindanao by bus, car and truck and stopped in many places and have been doing that every other year for the last 19 years of marriage and so far I have had no major problems but yes it could happen, then again it could also happen in the US or in any country where terrorists decide to blow things up, or criminals decide it is your unlucky day.

Whenever my wife and I meet Filipinos, they most often ask my wife where she is from and when she says Mindanao, most assuredly they will ask her if she is a Muslim (she is not) or say how dangerous it is in Mindanao or both and when we ask them if they have ever been there, then the answer is always no. Most Filipinos who have not been to Mindanao have an unwarranted (IMHO) bad opinion of it, but to condemn a whole place because of problems mostly in the ARMM  is akin to condemning a whole state because there are some bad high crime areas in it.

So while none of you who would feel uncomfortable traveling to Mindanao should go because I say so, I feel we also should not ruin it for those who wish to go there to visit or live. There happens to be a large amount of expats living in Mindanao and from what I have read none have been blown up or kidnapped outside the ARMM and the famous couple that was kidnapped that we have read about the Bermans, they were kidnapped from Palawan, so does that mean none of us should go to Palawan of course not.

I have met some wonderful people in Mindanao as well as many expats and those who do not go would be missing some great people and sites, just stay out of the ARMM and you should be safe unless lady luck has abandoned you. Mindanao is the whole bottom section of the below map.

I will agree, my second wife was from Mindanao. I have traveled crisscrossing northern Mindanao several times. One of my most favorite places is Camiguin Island for rest and relaxation. There is a gentleman there who has a small resort for sale, and if my finances were better I would jump on the opportunity. Yes bad things happen everywhere, in todays society all you can do is keep a clear head use common sense, and maybe the trouble will bypass you.


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