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Mindanao railway completed by 2022


I think that they best eradicate all the terrorists groups before them.

Gray Wolf:

Although I like the idea of this proposed train system on Mindanao, I believe the new government should look at finishing the many overpasses in Manila. Also, if a proposed transfer of flights back to Clark, to ease the congestion at Manila airports, the already started, but "never finished" rail system between Manila & Clark, should be completed. Still keep working on the rail system for Mindanao, of course. As I have discovered recently, I can catch a train from Monumento LRT1, to Balintawak LRT1, right at the airport. quicker & more direct, as opposed to any bus (into Pasay) then taxi to airport. Certainly much cheaper too and you end at the International airport, woohoo. So much simplier.



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