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Steve & Myrlita:
I was talking to a friend of mine today and he brought up a question which I feel may be of interest here. He asked me when I die, where will I be buried? I told him I\'m not sure. Myrlita wants me buried here with her which I feel is very much her right as my wife. My family however, wants me shipped back to MA to be buried with my family there. Whereas I\'m a US citizen & Myrlita isn\'t and it comes down to a possible legal battle between my US family & a poor Filipina, who would win? Yes, I could put forth a will stating my wishes but in reality, what will really happen after I\'m gone? Money talks. I pray this will be many years in the future but only God knows what will take place. I welcome your thoughts. God Bless.....

IF MONEY is a MAJOR factor, maybe a compromise might work.....buried in the Philippines but on Myrlitas passing , both of you buried in MA.......possible?

BC Boy:
What about half and half?

Cremate and you can easily tour the world in a custom urn.

By the time you are gone, your family in the USA will not be a factor.
Make arrangements to be buried where YOU wish!!!

To me... the dead body is an empty shell, treat it as such...
What made me, me... Is gone to the next whatever of existence... I don\'t need it anymore, dispose of it as you see fit.


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